Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Avrah Grace Vargas

Dear Avrah,
Princess, Baby Girl, Sister. You are one of a kind. I always wanted two girls, but I am so glad that there is just the one you. You are so sweet and helpful. Even surrounded by boys you still find a way to be a girly girl. I hope you enjoy growing up the only girl in the family. I never considered myself  very feminine, luckily you have enough femininity for the both of us. You love to dress up in your princess dresses, and shoes. You love to have your nails painted. I'm pretty sure you can't wait for the day you can wear makeup.
You are such a joy, everyone that knows you loves you immediately. Dad says you are too pretty for your own good, and I agree. I almost feel sorry for the boy that falls in love with you, he won't have it easy.  I hope that you can keep your gentle loving spirit. I know you will have to be tough with four brothers, but hopefully they will also protect you. I can't wait to see what your future holds, you are good at so many things, especially getting what you want. Let's just hope that what you want is worth getting. Love you Baby Girl,

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