Tuesday, July 12, 2011

2 Things Tuesday

My two thing Tuesday are:

1) Long distance cousins

I have many cousins that live far away from me and a handful of those live in California. One of those cousins came to visit and brought her husband and four beautiful children. We didn't get to spend nearly enough time with them but what we did spend was great and we can't wait to go out there to see them.


2) Blue bell factory tours

We went and toured the Blue Bell Ice Cream Factory today. The "we" there included 7 adults and 14 kids (all 9 and under)

Here are some of the cousins listening politely

and these cousins were not




They didn't let us take pictures during the actual tour


we did get ice cream at the end


Thursday, July 7, 2011

{embracing} Superheroes


So last week Mr. Vargas took all 5 kids to Hobby Lobby by himself... and found a huge amount of VBS crafts on sale...and he bought lot of them, actually that is an understatement...there is a reason he isn't really allowed to go to the store by himself.. I kid...kind of...


This morning we decided to make super hero masks

and the finished results

Judah AKA Sonic BOOM
Super Power:  Super Speed

Josiah AKA Firehose
Super Power: Shape Shifter

Avrah AKA ThunderGirl
Super Power: Thundering the Whole World

Super Power: FAST!

Super power: MAN!

Together THEY are the FAB 5!

OH and we CAN'T forget

Mr. Vargas AKA SuperDAD

Super Power: Being Awesome

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