Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day.

I guess Labor day is suppose to be your last day of summer, well if that is so then our summer went out with a bang!

This morning we slept in a little, Jeremy made waffles and then he worked on the fence, one gate piece up one to go, the hole is getting smaller YEA! I forgot that it was monday so my laundry didn't get started till much later than normal. Around 11 my mom came over and we went to Jackson park (91st and Garnett) with my Tim and Victoria (and Yasha and Bugsy and Solo) and Judah and Jackie.  Jeremy grilled yummy hotdogs and the kids got to feed the turtles stale hotdog buns, Tim caught a HUGE snapping turtle, we saw a large snake, Aunt Jackie made some YUMMY cookies. It was very fun but hot so we decided to go to Gramma's house to swim. While there the babies were trying (or trying not) to nap, while the big kids all got to play in the pool with Uncle Judah and Jeremy. Victoria wanted to go long boarding, for those of you who don't know what that is, it is like a skate board but longer and wider and with bigger wheels. Judah and Jackie have a few and had brought them over. I was up for it and I guess as soon as I went out the door Jeremy said "my wife is going to get hurt" he was right. My mom's neighborhood is very hilly so we were going up this one street and riding down (sitting down) into my mom's driveway, first couple times it was really fun, Victoria would go down first and then make sure no cars where coming and then we would go down, I had asked them how you stopped them and they said just put your feet down. Well the last time I did it I was going pretty fast, and I though ok no problem just put your feet down, so I did and the front of my flip flops got caught on the ground and flipped over and as this did nothing in the way of stopping me it dragged my feet along the ground upside down, until I could get the thing to stop. So the tops of my feet have a bit of road rash, but all in all it was fun and I would do it again, only next time I will wear shoes.
Notice in the picture how my very nice nails are now ruined, girls it's time to go get pedicures.
A little bit later we took Judah and Josiah to their first Jiu-Jitsu class, they really enjoyed it. We went to Triton  ( if you are interested) and they get to go every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 5-6 and while they do their class the parents can work out for free. That is if they aren't chasing around three other little ones, we just took the babies today, we left Avrah at Gramma's. When we went back to get Avrah, Uncle Tim was just getting back with pizza so we stayed and ate and then we came home, and put the kids in bed and now I am blogging, and for all of those curious out there no I did not get ALL my laundry done, I have about 3 or 4 left.. and two sitting here staring at me needing to be folded, so off I go to fold it.
Hope your Labor day was fun as well.


  1. That looks painful!! It looks as though pedicures are in order!

  2. ouch! other than trying to be like your big sister and get some cool scars from road rash, sounds like a great day.


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