Monday, September 21, 2009

Fighting over what?

Busy day today! I'm not real sure what I did but man it doesn't seem like I did much around the house, but I was busy.
I wanted to try something new today, instead of keeping the babies up till 2, I planned on putting them down for a short nap when I got back from taking Avrah, around 10:30, and then waking them around 12 feeding them lunch playing, going to get Avrah at 2 and then putting them down when we get back. So that is what I did, except I let them sleep a little longer then 12. This worked today also because they woke up earlier then they have been, around 7:15. It worked really well today, we'll see how it goes tomorrow. Today during lunch I had fixed them some pb&j sandwiches with some grapes, and they finished their food and I went in the kitchen to make them more, on a good day they will each eat a whole pb&j and lots of grapes, but I always start them off with just half and then make more if they eat it all, so I was in the kitchen making them some more, then I hear the "fighting screams", I wondered what in the world could they be fighting over in their highchairs? I came back in the room and found this.

Micah had climbed out of his highchair and over to brothers and was stealing what was left of his sandwich! This is why we have 5 point harnesses on their highchairs. This is what happens when I forget to buckle them in.
Also thought I was done tagging baby stuff for the garage sale, but no, I found 2 more boxes of baby boy clothes! This will be a busy week.


  1. I LOVE how you stop to get the camera instead of fixing them....I do that all the time! It's great to have the fighting pictures to look back on later in life!!!

  2. you're doing great with your blog! (and your kids)


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