Saturday, April 25, 2009

The things I learned this week

A friend of mine has a blog and she posts every week about the different things that she learned that week and then asks what the reader has learned that week. Well I was going to reply to it and made this big long post about all the things I had learned that week and then submitted it and it didn't show up and so I tried again three more times without much success, now either I don't know what I'm doing and don't know how to reply, or she has it set where she has to approve comments in which case I will look like an idiot. Anyway I thought what the heck I have my own blog I can post it there, now if only I can remember it.

The things I learned this week.
1) It is nearly impossible to get both my bathrooms clean, when the babies are awake they want to be right where I am and that can't be when I cleaning the bathrooms, you know all the cleaners and such and their favorite thing is to play in the toilet. So simple solution wait till they are takeing a nap right, well half way right, that lets me get one bathroom clean. As many of you may know we turned one of our closets (that are in our master bathroom) into a bedroom for the twins, this is great unless I'm trying to clean said bathroom because inevitably one of them will wake up before I get it all cleaned, hopefully I can figure out a solution to this one soon.

2) I found a really cool channel on Cox it is 928. It is a music channel called Toddler Tunes, and it just plays videos it is like listening to the radio. During the day they play upbeat music of all different variaties from Laurie Berkner to old Sesame Street songs and then in the evening they play softer more calming music, like U2 and the Beatles done Lullaby style. It is really neat and the babies (and the big kids) just love it.

3) I do not like confrontation and when it needs to be done just thinking about it will keep me up at night and turns my stomach into knots.

4)I'm learning to knit but I'm teaching myself and either I'm not a very good teacher or not a very good student because it is going very slowly.

5) I am terrified of going back to school and just found this out because I'm going to be taking some classes in the fall. I think it is because I am so scared of failing, you can't fail if you don't try.

6)Avrah is not quite ready to go overnight without a diaper, we tried last night and I was up at 4:30 this morning changing did she keep her diapers dry and then go when she was wearing panties.. oh well maybe she had to much to drink, we'll try again another night.

7)I had another one and it was a good one but it has slipped my mind so hopefully I'll remember it later.

What did you learn this week?

(oh by the way I only tried to post the first three on my friends comments)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Potty trained

I would just like to report that Avrah is now potty trained. It seems like it took forever and happened all at once both at the same time. I know that I started putting her on the potty and working with her on it when I was pregnant with the twins, I had high hopes that I could have her trained before they were born, but then I ran out of energy and she just really wasn't into it, so I put it on hold until the babies were born, then started again after school started I noticed that she always would poop in the afternoon when I put her down for her nap and then I would have to go change her and put her down for her nap so when we would get home from school I would put her on the potty and wait this worked about 90% of the time. I think a couple of weeks ago I just decided I had enough and she was old enough. So I started just taking her every 45 min and just sitting her on the potty and if she went well she got a Hershey kiss (this is a big deal because they don't get candy very often) I put her in plastic training pants and the first two days we had quiet a few accidents, but she got the hang of it and by Sunday (Easter) she was wearing big girl panties. Since then she has had one accident at school and twice here at home she has made it to the potty but hasn't sat down in time. She now wears panties to sleep at nap time and is working on staying dry over night, she is on night 3 after 5 straight then she gets to try wearing panties to bed. Now I've trained two boys and I just have to say girls are easier, although some things with boys are easier, like if you are driving somewhere and they HAVE to go then you can just pull over and go, also they can pee outside and don't have to stop playing and come in.
I am so proud of her.

On a side note, I am really looking forward to summer and also dreading it too. Why must I be so conflicted all the time? I am so glad that Soccer season is almost over 3 more games, I am glad that Jeremy's classes are done in two weeks and Scouts will go on break over summer too, the things about summer I don't look forward to is having all the kids home ALL day and being bored and hot and looking for things to do. We are thinking about putting Josiah in Karate, because he is asking to do it, and also because he really does have a natural athleticism that he sure didn't get from me. We thought he would be really good at soccer but he just doesn't have the heart for it, just not aggressive enough, I think he would be really good at gymnastic type things.
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