Thursday, May 27, 2010

3 things Thursday

Three things Thursday

I’ve been really busy lately. So my three things today are my three excuses for not blogging lately.

1. It is summer now, well at least in theory. All the kids are out of school, but for me that means we get busier. Where are these so called “dog days of summer”?

2. I am taking two summer classes; I thought that I was taking a “light” load. I am taking medieval history and biology, my biology class hasn’t started yet so I don’t know how hard that one will be but this history class is really taking it out of me. It is a fast track class and is only 4 weeks so that makes it a little bit harder. I think my new least favorite thing is writing essays from memory. However I aced my test I took today so yeah!

3. I’m too tired. More so then usual. I have been waking up at 5:30 in the morning so I can go run, before Jeremy leaves for his work out. So this makes me go to bed much earlier, and since I usually do the blogging at night after the kiddos go to bed, I just haven’t had it in me. But I will do better in June.

Those are my three things and here are some fun pictures from today.

These were from this today from our morning bike ride. So much fun now that everyone can "ride"




Micah and Hosea

What are your three things?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. Cleaned out the fridge- apparently I couldn’t wait for Mr. Vargas to build a composter, and I started one in the veggie drawer. No fear it is all clean now.

2. Had friends over for dinner, but didn’t do any grocery shopping this week so we kind of threw it together, Mr. Vargas made Mexican inspired Asian chicken (chicken thighs w/ an Asian marinade that he made up, grilled…Mexican because he is.), white herbed beans (super yummy), and a broccoli slaw.

3. Big boys now know how to ride bikes without training wheels. Guess I just needed to find the right motivator. Their computer died a couple weeks ago, so I told them when they both learned to ride without training wheels we would buy them a new one. Didn’t take them too long after that. Oh and P.S. on this one Judah crashed tonight and has an awesome stomach wound now (nothing too major)

What are you three things?

Monday, May 17, 2010


Today we went and picked up some new accessories for the big boys.

Look at these handsome boys.

doesn't he look older.

He really is VERY happy about his new glasses

Loving his new specs

The little boys are sporting some new accessories these days too.

They love their new amber anklets

And here they are cheering on “The Map” from Dora the Explorer.

Friday, May 14, 2010

And the winner is....

I know you are all waiting patiently to find out who won my first give away. In case you forgot what the prize was it was an amber teething necklace made by the lovely Ashlee see her etsy site at

AND NOW....Drum roll please...

The winner picked by the random number generator is....

suburban hippie mama

who just happens to be another twin momma and you can go check out her blog

CONGRATS Dana. I'll hook up with you when you get back from your very fun sister's weekend.

IF you didn't win, don't forget to go by Ashlee's store and buy something. I know I will be.

Thanks again for playing.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Houston we have tomatoes

The highlight of my day today was going to get milk. So instead of bore you with that story, I thought I would update you on my garden boxes, if you don’t remember what they looked like before check it here.

All of them
Holy Tomatoes Batman

well at least two

see the one strawberry

see the zucchini and squash in the corner

My tomato plants are taking over. The strawberries are growing but every time one gets ready to be picked something comes along and eats it. We did lose one lettuce plant and one Basil plant, but other than that they are all doing great. The zucchini and squash plants are getting so big too.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

This morning started way too early for me. I was up way too late last night, we went to an awesome dinner with the Mr. Vargas' Family to celebrate his dad's birthday. We left the kids at home and enjoyed an adult night out. After dinner we went to watch the UFC fight with a bunch of guys, this was why we were up so late. So this morning when 6:55 rolled around, my eyes were still glued shut. But my two older boys were so excited about Mother's Day, they just could not sleep in.

This is what I opened my eyes and saw my oldest son Judah holding and saying "Happy Mother's Day". That is honey bunches of oats and cheerios mixed together.  Such a sweet gesture. Then they gave me the cards they had made for me a school, very nice. Josiah's card said that I like to "play games on Facebook, and feed Leia." and he likes it when I "push him on the swing, and help him". I love that kid.

Oh and Judah gave me a "Coupond" for  "Josiah getting off of the computer". That is right folks Judah gave me a coupon for Josiah to do something for me. Is that administrative of him or what?

We went to my Mom's after church where my oldest brother had made us a feast of French toast made with homemade bread and fresh farm eggs and raw milk. He even had grass fed pork bacon and real maple syrup. I am not usually a fan of French toast, but let me tell you it was awesome. So thank you Judah for the great meal.

After we returned home we all took a little rest, and after everyone woke up we decided to go to "Pizza -A-GoGo" where Mr. Vargas' Mom met us for dinner. It is this nice little brick oven place out here in Broken Arrow. You can read Mr. Vargas' review of it over at The Happy Plate.
The big  boys wanted to see how the pizza was made so Judah went back to the back to ask if he could watch, and not only did they let them watch, they let Judah and Josiah make their own little pizza (and they wouldn't let us pay for it).
I love my family and what could be better than spending time with those you love on Mother's Day.

Friday, May 7, 2010

My First Giveaway!!!

I am so excited about today. I am doing my first blog giveaway.

An amber teething necklace

A lucky one of you will actually win one of these beauties.

My friend Ashlee makes these awesome little things. For those of you that don’t win you can go buy one from her here, and check out some of her other very cool things.

Some of you may be wondering just what is it, and what does it do. This is how she describes it.

As a mom, what is more relaxing than a bubble bath? With aromatics, dim lights, and relaxing music. That’s what this stone does for your baby. Now, let’s be realistic, this isn’t a magic stone that’s going to instantly turn your baby into a Zen master. But, after a few days you will notice a MARKED difference in their teething discomfort. It will quite possibly be obliterated. That was our experience. Read the shop info for more success stories.
In Europe, amber is commonly worn by babies and young children to help with the discomfort of teething. The amber is said to reduce inflammation caused by teething when worn close to the skin. There is natural oil that is released when the amber is warmed by the skin. This oil is said to be a natural anti-inflammatory and analgesic. That is what makes this stone perfect for teething as well as carpel tunnel, arthritis, and any other inflammatory issues.
Miss Ashlee is a mother of six (this is her youngest), so if anyone knows about babies and teething issues, it would be her.

Ways to enter:

Leave me a separate comment (THE COMMENTS ARE YOUR ENTRIES)for each thing that you do, telling me you what you have done.

Follow me

Follow her blog:

Follow her on twitter:

Next Friday I will use random number generator to pick a winner.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Three things I went out of my way to get today. Of course I wouldn’t mention it if it wasn’t worth doing.

1) Raw Milk (from grass fed cows)-See that cream on the top, we are making Ice cream this weekend. YUM, I'll let you know how that goes.

2) Raw Milk Butter

3) Fresh eggs (aren’t they pretty)

And here is an artsy picture of them,

because apparently I think I’m artistic.

Tune in tomorrow for my first give away, so excited about it.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Mid Week Picnic In The Park

Today Avrah’s school had an “I love mom” program. They fed us a snack and all the classes sang little songs. Avrah did so well with her song she did all the motions and sang really loud too, I’m glad she doesn’t seem to have my stage fright. The principal read “I love you forever” and made all of us cry.

After that I met some friends across town at Woodward Park. It was so pretty outside, but since they had been there for a while they only stayed for a little bit longer and then left. Hosea, Micah and I enjoyed the weather and a little picnic. I loved being able to just let them run around in the grass and trees and watch the squirrels and birds, they stayed close by and didn’t try and run away and there was no playground equipment to chase them around and make sure they didn’t fall off of, and there weren’t’ any other kids around for them to fight with. It was perfect, and I was able to snap some pictures. These were Mr. Vargas' favorite of all the ones I took.





back and front

front and back

I have some great things coming up that I am really excited about; I’m doing a giveaway-more info on this on Friday! I am also going to be doing a blog swap with one of my other twin mommy friends. That should be really fun, look for that sometime next week.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Ok I know I just posted a blog about my tattoo, and I am sure you guys are getting tired of seeing pictures of it, but he finished it tonight, so these will be the last ones I post of just it. YEAH! I Love it!! It is so pretty and I think it represents all of the children beautifully.

This week I am going to take my final in my history class, and pick up my books for the two classes I’m taking this summer. Also is my TMOMS (Tulsa Mothers of Multiples) end of the year banquet, this should be a lot of fun, we say goodbye to the old board members and welcome the new ones, I was the Social board member and now I am going to be the Membership board member, I don’t really know what all that means, except that I’m still involved and still getting out of my very comfortable shell.

Oh also did you know that it is MAY! When did that happen? Could this year please slow down for a minute, this is my babies last month as one year olds. This makes me sad, but I guess I can’t freeze time, so on to bigger and better things.

What does this week and/or month hold in store for you? Anything fun?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, what a busy Saturday. This morning Mr. V. got up early and made biscuits and gravy, he used raw milk, and the butter made from raw milk. Let me just say they were awesome!

SEE don’t they look awesome!

5 minutes later, seriously.

After that he went to school and I cleaned the kitchen.

We met up at the Farmer’s market at noon. I’m not sure why but for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to take Leia (our huge standard poodle). Turns out if you go to the farmers market with 5 kids and a big dog, you become more of a spectacle than the farmer’s goods. I am serious we couldn’t look at anything or go anywhere in the first 5 minutes we were there because we were mobbed by this group of older ladies. Luckily I was in a good mood and very patiently (I thought) answered their questions.

“Yes they are boys”, “yes they are twins,” “Identical”, “ five of them” , “Yes just the one girl”, “no her hair isn’t very curly”, “She is a standard poodle”, “yes she does fit in nicely with our family with her curly hair”

Despite all that we were able to find some great stuff, I found some body scrub that smells delicious, Mr. Vargas bought some bread and onions and chives and chicken. The kids found the water fountain and even though it was a little rainy out they still played in the water.

After the Farmer’s Market we headed out to West Tulsa to get some more milk, unfortunately I had told the kids they would be able to see the cows, and the cows weren’t out, so they were sad about that, but it was a nice drive.
Look at that yummy cream on top!

We stopped at the Junkyard Dawg (a new hotdog shop) for lunch. Mr. Vargas is writing a review on his blog “The Happy Plate”, and that should be up in the next couple days, I’ll keep you posted.

We came home to rest for about an hour before we had to be at my cousin’s little girl’s birthday party at the little gym, it was a blast and the kids loved it.

Now everyone is cleaned, fed, and in bed asleep. And I am getting ready to enjoy some of my favorite B things. Blueray, Bar-b-que, and my Babe.

What did you do today?
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