Saturday, October 10, 2009

Busy Week

What a busy week we had this week.
Tuesday I thought was going to be a really busy day. Here is what I had planned, Big boys to school 8:30, (Take Avrah to Ryan's so she can take her to school at 9:30) at 8:35, WIC apt at 9, Dr.'s Apt. for babies at 10:45. Here is what really happened, everything went as scheduled until after the WIC class, it got over earlier then I expected and I made it all the way across town to the dr.'s apt at 10, I didn't want to wait in the car for 30 minutes so I took the boys to a close by park. Here are some pics of that.

it was cold and wet out but the boys got about 20 minutes of outside play time. Then we went back to the dr.'s office, went in got signed in, went to check, and then found out that no I didn't have an appointment on the 6th, it was actually on the 16th! GRR. So by this time the boys have missed their morning nap and my day is pretty much a bust, oh well at least we had a good time at the park. Oh and my friend Ryan brought me Bueno for lunch.
On Wednesday I had a play date with my twin mommy friends. We found this church playground that is fenced in and has big equipment for the big kids and little equipment for the little kids and also picnic tables, all inside the fence. It is so nice to not have to worry about one of your little ones escaping to the parking lot when you are busy with the other one. There were 5 mommies 2 of which had 4 of their children and the other 3 of us had only our babies. One momma left before I got my camera out. We sat all the babies down on our blankets all patched together to make one big spot for them and fed them their lunches, although I didn't get any pictures of this, it really was very cute. I did however get some pictures of them all playing together

From the front to the back. Darla's boys Ayden and Ashton. In the middle Dana's girls Maya and Camille (not sure which is which..sorry Dana if I'm wrong, but I think that Maya is inside with the two pigtails and Camille is out with just the one).  Big boys in the background Gavin (Dana's) and Zander (Rachel's). Rachel also had the only Boy/Girl twins Jonathan and Isabella there, but they are only 9 1/2 months and didn't get in the pictures somehow.
Rachel did however get a picture of us mommies trying to get those 6 babies to all look at us at the same time. Very comical.
Darla, Dana, Me

See the toy in this picture, See the steps/ladder that Darla is helping her son up. Micah was trying to climb up it and I guess he was going a little slower then usual, Hosea comes over and I thought he was going to push brother out of the way or try to climb under him or pull him down, but what he did was the sweetest thing I have ever seen, he reached down to Micah's foot and tried to give him a push up to help him climb up. It was the sweetest thing, and I didn't even recognize it at first. Dana pointed it out. It was so very sweet, I hope that kind of behavior continues.

On Saturday we went to the fair with Jeremy's Dad and Millie (Paw Paw and Memaw). We went first thing in the morning as soon as they opened it was great, a little chili out, but it was not busy at all so it worked out nicely. We saw all the exhibits, ate lots of yummy fair food, and rode rides.

 Hosea and Micah hanging out with MeMaw and Pawpaw while we rode rides (Thanks PawPaw and MeMaw)
                                                          Judah and Avrah on the bees
On the Swings, Judah was also on the swings but he was on the other side and we couldn't see him

Finally free of the stroller the little guys get to play!

From the top of the Ferris Wheel with Avrah!

We came home took a short nap and then we were off to dinner at a friends house. As we were leaving and getting into the van to go home josiah said "I sure am going to miss that guy." He is so funny. Tomorrow we are going to Shalomfest. Should be fun.

Sunday, October 4, 2009


This weekend I celebrated my 10th Anniversary. The actual anniversary date is the October 2nd. We didn't do anything really out of the ordinary on Friday. Kids went to school, I went to lunch with my mom. There was a fall festival and the boys' school that we went to. Usually Jeremy has class on Friday nights so I invited my BFF Ryan to go with us. She is the president of the PTA at her kids' school Vandever. I thought she  might like to come and get some ideas for their thing that they do. Plus I didn't want to take all 5 kids by myself. She was excited to go as were her kids, I think. Turned out that Jeremy did not "have" to go to class as they were reviewing for a test that his teacher told him he would have no problem with. So he got to go with us. The kids had a lot of fun and so did we. Saw Danny he is one of the contestants on this season of  The Biggest Loser. He looks GREAT! His kids go to W.C. with the boys. Also found out how far he gets in the competition.

Saturday we had planned to wake up early and do yard work, but the ground was pretty damp so we slept in instead, and then we went to a "Barbeque Tasting" to benefit The Little Lighthouse. Had some good BBQ and some not-so-good BBQ. Found out that the babies LOVE brisket! After that we took the kids to my moms house where we put Avrah, Hosea and Micah down for naps, which they promptly decided they were not going to take. Jeremy and I then took the big boys over to the Double Tree Hotel, where we had booked a room for the night. They have an indoor pool and we thought the big boys would like to go swimming, we spent about 2 1/2 hours in the pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna. Also learned a great lesson about hotels and little boys. Don't leave them alone in the room (even to go to the bathroom) with the remote to the TV or they WILL order pay-per-view and you will end up spending $8  on 20 minutes of a movie that they have already seen. (Wizards of Waverly Place the be exact).
Then Jeremy took me home to start getting ready and took the boys to meet Ryan at the church. I took a shower got dressed and went over to Victoria's house so she could do my make up for me. (pictures to follow), came back to the house, packed up our stuff and went to dinner.
We went to Benali's, it is a little italian restaurant. We love it. For some reason for the last 4 years or so we have gone there every anniversary and every valentines day. I highly recommend going.
We then spent the night at the hotel. Sunday morning we went to breakfast at IHOP, went to mom's to pick up the babies, hung out there for a while, ate some lunch, came home put babies and Avrah down for nap. Ryan brought the big boys home and hung out for a while. Played on the computer and just relaxed, until we put the kids to bed and then Jeremy and I did Jilllian Michaels Shred 1.
It was a great weekend. Probably will be a semi-busy week. and now for some pictures.
My new outfit. I know how Tim Gunn feels about leggings, but I think even he would think them ok if he saw my legs without them. :).

 My make up done by Victoria. (Thank you by the way) I think this is a funny picture because my left eye is droopy (probably because of the drink with dinner) and my eyes are bloodshot from the chlorine in the pool.

Jeremy also looked great but somehow we didn't get a picture with both of us in it.

Here is a link to my sisters blog (hope you don't mind Anna), she wrote a very nice one for me on my anniversary, in case you want to read it. It was very nice and made me cry.  Also some nice wedding pictures too.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Avrah Grace Vargas

Dear Avrah,
Princess, Baby Girl, Sister. You are one of a kind. I always wanted two girls, but I am so glad that there is just the one you. You are so sweet and helpful. Even surrounded by boys you still find a way to be a girly girl. I hope you enjoy growing up the only girl in the family. I never considered myself  very feminine, luckily you have enough femininity for the both of us. You love to dress up in your princess dresses, and shoes. You love to have your nails painted. I'm pretty sure you can't wait for the day you can wear makeup.
You are such a joy, everyone that knows you loves you immediately. Dad says you are too pretty for your own good, and I agree. I almost feel sorry for the boy that falls in love with you, he won't have it easy.  I hope that you can keep your gentle loving spirit. I know you will have to be tough with four brothers, but hopefully they will also protect you. I can't wait to see what your future holds, you are good at so many things, especially getting what you want. Let's just hope that what you want is worth getting. Love you Baby Girl,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Dull Day?

This was a laid back Tuesday, Judah and Josiah and Avrah went to school, the babies nap,  Did the 30 min Shred with Jillian and Victoria, played on the computer the babies got up and ate lunch, we went and got Avrah came home put her and the babies down for their nap, played on the computer and then the big boys got home, helped Judah with his homework, made dinner, fed dinner to kids. Played with kids, watched a show with the big boys, put them all to bed, then cleaned up the house, swept the house, steamed the floor, folded babies and Avrah's laundry and am now watching biggest loser. Tomorrow is the last day of September and the last day of my 30 day blog experiment. I've had fun writing them, hope you have had fun reading them. Tomorrow will be my letter to Avrah, since if you have been paying attention she is the only one that hasn't got one yet. Usually do those on Thursdays, but I messed up on that one (5 kids, 4 Thursdays.)

Monday, September 28, 2009

park play date

This morning Avrah woke up with a swollen eye. There was no crust or blood shot, just swollen.

Took Avrah to school and then had a twins play date at a park. It was a nice enclosed park with some big equipment and some small stuff for the little guys. We had a lot of fun. Julie and Darla came with their twins, they both have boy/boy. I didn't get any pictures of Julie and her adorable little guys, but I did get some of Darla and Ayden and Ashton

Hosea on the slide.

Micah at the top

Darla with Ashton and Ayden

Under one of the play things, they had a great time just sitting under there talking and throwing rocks..check out the hair from the static.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lock up your daughters

Good day today.
We went to church, went and checked out the new wal-mart, went to Tim's house for family lunch.
We got the babies new onsies that say "lock up your daughters" and they had on little plaid shorts that were a size 0-3 months so they fit them in the waist but were a bit short, compared to what they normally use, and they were wearing there chuck taylor tennis shoes, so as my brother pointed out, they looked straight out of the 70's.

 After naps we went to Babies r us to look at car seats, and mom bought the babies new big boy car seats (this was their birthday present). These are the ones we picked out.

Then we went by moms to show her them, and then we went by what-a-burger for dinner. While we were eating, Josiah was reading the fry bag and he said "this is funny, it says "there is one nerd, you." "  we were like what a funny thing to put on the fry bag so I checked it and it said "there is one near you" this made much more sense, but it would have been funnier if it said what he thought it did.

We got a new shower curtain liner today, I love the way they smell. Jeremy makes fun of me, I don't care I love it.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garage Sale and MiniLaps

This morning started wayyy too early for me. I woke up at 2:30 for no reason, and then could not sleep. I finally had to get up at 5:45 to make it to my 6:30 shift at the TMOMs Garage Sale. The garage sale went great. I sold a LOT of my stuff, not all of it, that's ok I'll save it for the one in the spring. If you didn't make it to this sale, you missed out! My mom and I went  shopping last night (members night) and we found lots of good deals, the babies now have a winter wardrobe, and I got some sweaters and mom found some clothes for herself also. Oh and we got the babies their halloween costumes..

my van loaded up with all the stuff.

sneek peek of the costumes (can you guess what they are going to be..besides cute)

My shift ended at 9:30 and from there I went home collected the family and then went out to the Little Light House where they were doing a thing called the mini-laps. TLLH is not government funded but is funded by donations only, this is a free school for children with disabilities, it is such an awesome program, all the things they do for and with those kids. This is one of their fundraisers, each kid (family) is supposed to raise a certain amount of money. This years mini laps theme was "It's a small world" and each child was dressed up as someone from somewhere else, then they have "floats" that they decorated to go with whatever they are dressed as. Some of their floats where their walkers or wheelchairs or wagons or bikes, or whatever they had. It was so amazing to see these kids and all the accomplishments that they have achieved in their short lives. Each child went around this little circle with a teacher and the emcee's would talk about that child and what they where learning and why they were there and how special each one was. Let me just tell you I am glad I was wearing my sunglasses because as each little guy/gal crossed that finish line my eyes would just well up with tears. My nephew Solomon was dressed up as a little jewish guy he is sooo cute.
If you ever have the opportunity or want to volunteer somewhere the little light house is totally worth looking into. Also if you are looking to donate your money somewhere please look into it.
Here is their facebook page where you can see all of the children from today.
and some pictures of Solomon

Friday, September 25, 2009

Tmoms Garage Sale SATURDAY!

This is what is going on in my life today and tomorrow. Open to the public tomorrow. Please if you have kids  or even if you don't come check it out, there is something there for everyone. OH and tell lots of people too. Thanks
Here is a link to an article from the TULSA WORLD

Tulsa Mothers of Multiples

A Multi-Family Sale with over 100 Participants!

* Children’s, Adult & Maternity Clothing for Fall/Winter * Baby, Nursery, and Toddler Items *

* Household Treasures, Bedding & Decor Items * Children’s Furniture and Equipment *

* Electronics, Appliances, DVDs & CDs * Books, Toys & Games * Much more!!! *

Saturday Only!
September 26, 2009 • 7:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m.

First United Methodist Church
112 East College, Broken Arrow
(The church is on Main Street, Downtown BA.)
* Free Admission * Cash only, please *

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Josiah Israel Vargas

Dear Josiah,
You amaze me. You always have. You have always been determined to be yourself. You would not fit into any mold or preconceived notions that anyone held for you. You are you. Right from the beginning you didn't do things as planned, you decided to come late, and then be bigger then the dr.'s said. Oh, they said you would be a small baby about 6-7lbs. Man they were wrong mr. 8lbs 14oz. . Then instead of being a calm good natured smiley baby you were very serious, now maybe that wasn't all your fault, maybe it had to do with me being down because daddy was gone, but I think maybe you weren't really serious, you were just trying to figure things out. You saw Judah going all over the place and you wanted to also. You really weren't happy until you were able to get around. At 5 months of age you were crawling, up on all fours crawling, then you were walking at 8 months and climbing too. There was no stopping you. If you wanted in (or out of)  something badly enough you just didn't stop till you were there. The rate at which you learn is shocking and still after 6 (well almost) years you still are doing things that amaze me.
My love for you is different than the others. You were not the easiest baby, nor are you the easiest child, but through all this adversity has grown a love that is so strong. Some days are very trying with you. Some are very pleasant. I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. I'm glad I had YOU when I did.
You are going to be great at whatever it is that you decide to do, whether it be an architect, a chef or a plumber you will be the best one you can be. You don't know how to be anything less then your best. You keep being you, and I will keep you safe from the beavers and the stickers. I love you little man.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kid quotes and Gi's

some kid quotes:
Judah to Avrah from the bedroom "You aren't old enough to know what Karma is."
Josiah to Judah as we pass the cemetery on the way to Jiu Jitsu, "That is where people go to die."
Judah correcting Josiah "No, they don't go there to die, they go there after they die."
Avrah in her best robot voice, frequently throughout the day "I AM A ROBOT"

Today the big boys got their gi's, after we got home and ate and showered, they tried them on, and that got them in a wrestling/fighting mood, so they had to show us everything they had been learning at class. They are doing so good at it, it is nice to see them fight in that way a very polite controlled manner. Their pushups have much improved. Also thank you Summer for working Jeremy out so hard that now he can't move :)..

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