Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Day 1

What a day! Today started out so early for me, I for some unknown reason woke up at 4:30 and was unable to go right back to sleep, I tossed and turned and finally was just drifting of around 5:30 when a baby started crying, so I waited for a minute to see if he would stop and he didn't so I got up to go replace his binky, but when I got to the bathroom door, he stopped, so I went got back in bed and he started again, he then stopped on his own and I was able to go back to sleep.

Later that morning after everyone was up and awake, I decide to make oatmeal for Avrah and the babies, because they really like it. So I'm getting all the oatmeal ready and I mix up one bowl (with brown sugar and cinnamon like usual) and stick it in the freezer to chill while I wait for the other one to get done in the microwave. Then the next one gets done and I am mixing it up and I decide to put some applesauce in it too, so I put some applesauce in it and I'm smelling it going this just does not smell right, there is something wrong with this applesauce but no the applesauce smelled fine, so I smelled the "cinnamon" yeah it wasn't cinnamon it was CUMIN!! I had just put CUMIN and applesauce in the kids oatmeal. Luckily the other bowl was still in the fridge and not fed to them yet, and also luckily I had two more packs of oatmeal, usually with my luck that would have been the last of it.
I then decided that it was going to be a coffee day. Needless to say I got a lot done today. I got my kitchen cleaned, my floors swept and steamed. I also cleaned the big boys room, which was a really big task especially with two little helpers, luckily they love to play fetch. Usually they will bring me a ball and I will throw it and they will run after it and bring it back, this works best when they each have a ball. This kept them very busy until I noticed that one time it was taking them a really long time to bring the balls back (I was throwing them out of the bedroom and down the hall) and then I heard the "GIVE IT TO ME IT'S MINE" scream which is just the scream they scream at each other when one of them has something that the other wants and he won't give it to him. So I go to check on them and they are fighting over the dishwasher detergent bucket and all the little packs are all over the floor and some of them have been chewed on. It was about this time that I got a call from Jeremy who wanted me to come to his work to sign some papers, so off we went.
Tonight I had my TMOMs (Tulsa Mothers of Multiples) meeting. It was packed are club is growing so much and there are sooooo many new twin mommies..it is very exciting. Then I went out with some girlfriends afterwards. Just in time to turn in my blog before my 1st day is over. That was my busy day..I hope tomorrow isn't as busy, I'm sure it will be it is open house at Avrah's school...fun fun..
Thanks for reading :)

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