Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in the ER

Yesterday was more eventful then most of my Mondays, the kids were out of school so I was prepared for a lazy day around the house knowing that I had to do laundry and at some point get out and get diapers. Well after the babies first feeding of the day I noticed that Micah was panting like a dog, he wasn't upset about it though and he really reminded me of a puppy that had been running around, just all smiles and if he had a tail I'm sure it would have been wagging. So I text Jeremy to tell him that Micah is breathing heavy and he says to call the Dr. so I do and they said if it has anything to do with breathing that I need to take him to the ER, so then I have to get everybody dressed and ready to go and find someone to watch the other 3.
My sister-in-law tells me I should take him to St. Francis because they have a pediatric ER and the wait won't be as long so even though that is on the other side of town I decide that is a good idea and so I go and pick up Jeremy from work and go to the ER, by the time we get to the ER Micah is asleep and not breathing hard at all, so I'm thinking am I doing this for nothing is it a false alarm, but he has had a cough for over a month so I figure it wouldn't hurt to get him checked out. We didn't have to wait very long at all the ped. ER didn't open till 11 so that was about all the waiting we had to do, then as soon as we got back there they gave him a chest x-ray and then the Dr came in a little later and said they were going to test him for RSV, which I don't know very much about except that it is very contagious and can be very dangerous for babies. So they came in to do the test for that and we have Hosea with us so I ask the nurse if we need to test Hosea for it too and she says no if Micah has it then so does Hosea..and there is no treatment for it because it is viral..So this gets me thinking oh great if they have it then everyone that they have come in contact with will have it or the potential to get it..mainly I was thinking of my little nephew Solomon who they were playing with on Sunday, he has Downs Syndrome and has an immune deficiency (that may not be right but I think that was what his mom said) I was more upset about the possibility of giving him RSV then either of my boys having it. We waited for about an hour for those results and they came back negative thank goodness but they did say he had two spots of pneumonia one on each side of his lungs. Who would of thought one could be so relieved and almost happy to get that as a diagnosis.

oh the comedy

Here is some fun stuff that happened this last week.

Anybody that knows my son Josiah (my 5 year old) knows how skinny he is, we have trouble finding pants that fit him, usually if they fit him in the waist they don't fit him in length.The adjustable elastic inside of jeans has been a lifesave. He also gets Judah's jeans after Judah grows out of them, which has been happening at an alarming rate recently. Well The other day he was wearing a pair and he kept having to hike them up so I was going to adjust the elastic but it was a pair that didn't have that so I decided to try and pin them, so I'm sitting in the hall floor--with him standing there and I've got the fabric all pinched up in my fingers getting ready to stick this big safety pin into them and he looks down and goes "Be careful mom don't hurt yourself"...Does this kid know me or what..

Another day

I was feeding the babies, the way I usually do this is I put Micah in the highchair..yes we have two but one is in the attic (if Jeremy waits long enough I will get it down myself). So for now I put Micah in the one high chair and Hosea in the bumbo on the table-not to fear I don't put him in until it is time to eat and then get him out first, Micah gets the high chair because he will NOT sit still in the bumbo, anyway I sit there between them and feed them out of two seperate bowls, well the other day Hosea was having a fit about something but Micah was actually eating so I gave Hosea his sippy cup-which he does not drink out of yet but just plays with- so I gave it to him to distract him, well Avrah was sitting at the table with us eating her breakfast too, and Hosea knocked the cup off his bumbo tray and onto the floor and right away Avrah says "NO Sir we do not throw cup on floor" and she gets up walks around to the other side of the table and pics it up off the floor and says it again "No sir we do NOT throw cup on floor" and gave it back to him...she is such a little mamma.

And that was going to be all I was going to write for today but while I was typing this an argument was happening in the other room between Avrah (2) and Josiah (5) don't know if any of you have experienced arguments at these ages they don't really make a lot of sense and usually Avrah just responds by saying the same thing over again only louder in this case from the other room this is what I could understand about the argument aparently something happened and the remote was knocked out of Josiah's hand and the batteries came out of it so he was telling her it was her fault and she was saying no but that was her only defense so then they were screaming at each other and I thought well any minute they will come in here and tell me about it but that didn't happen beceause Josiah said this " Avrah I'm not going to be your sister anymore." Her response. "NO".

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Welcome to my crazy life.

I have decided to start blogging, because there are way to many things that go on in my day that I just have to share with someone, they are too funny not to. So mostly this will be my attempt at humor and trying to stay sane.

When people hear that I have five kids I usuallly get a "How do you do it?" and I usually just shrug and say " I just do." Well here is how I do it, I'm not suggesting that this will work for anyone else this is just what works for me :), but go ahead and steal it if you think it will work for you too.

Here is how my week usually goes.

On Mondays I do laundry, all day. I figured it out that if I did at least 2 loads a day then I would be doing at least 14 loads of laundry a week, where if I do it all in one day I only do around 8-10 loads. This is how I break it down. There are 7 of us that are making laundry daily. All of Avrah's weekly laundry usually equals 1 load and I wash all the babies stuff together in one load as well, then I sort the rest of it out into piles, whites, reds, blacks, blues & greens, kids jeans, big jeans, towels & rags. So that is 9 loads.

On Tuesdays I clean the kitchen, I do the dishes everyday a couple times a day, but this is when I really scrub it good, get the floors really good and anything else in there that needs to be done..OH this is also when I call my sister, so I can catch up with her and the work goes by faster..although I haven't called her in a couple weeks and I miss her.. :(

On Wednesdays I do the living room and the bedrooms..( this one is pretty much just theory at this point as I haven't actually done it this way in a while)..although the liveing room is done at the end of everyday.

On Thursdays I do the bathrooms. Sometimes I don't do the towels and rags til this day. I also usually go to lunch with my mom after I take Josiah to school on this day too.

On Fridays I rest and watch all my thursday night shows :).. oh and if I didn't get the stuff from one of the other days I do it on this day.

Also on Mondays 3 of the 5 kids have school. Judah is in 2nd grade and walks to school by himself (weather permitting..and that means he's walking if its not raining). He eats breakfast at school and they open the doors at 8:30 so I usually make sure he leaves here around then. Josiah and Avrah go to a private preschool 3 days a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) from 9:30-12:30 then I pick them up and take Josiah to pre-k at Judah's school @ 12:45. Then the boys will walk home together at 3:45.

As of right now I am still nursing the babies, they eat every three hours during the day and they were doing really good sleeping at night from 830-6 but now I think they are going through a growth spurt (its about time!) because they have been waking up a couple times at night to eat. I have also added in three feedings of "solids" a day. So their schedule kind of goes like this:

Sometime between 5:30 wake up and nurse, up for about 30 min then back to bed
Up around 8:30 nurse again.
wait 30 minutes then they have breakfast..homemade pears with baby oatmeal
then about 30 min later they go down for nap
up around 11:30 to nurse again up for about an hour and half then back down to sleep. They don't get to eat food at this time because I'm usually running around feeding other children or picking them up and dropping them off at school.
So then they nurse again around 2:30 and then 30 min later they eat lunch...homemade squash mmm yummy..
then back down to sleep about an hour later.
Up again at 5:30 to nurse and then they eat dinner about 30 min later...homemade sweet potatoes. Then about an hour after that they get their bottle of expressed breast milk and formula mixture (we are trying to get them to gain weight..as they are 7 months old and still don't weigh 12 lbs yet).
Then it's off to bed between 8-8:30 and I pump around 10:00 so that they will have that extra bottle of EBM...

Of course this is an ideal day, the times aren't always the same but that is the way it goes and they don't always sleep right up until its time to eat sometimes they wake up about 20-30 min before its time to eat, usually they get woken up by other little voices that have a way of not being so little. :)

Well goodness it's no wonder I'm so tired.. This truely is the greatest job in the world and I wouldn't trade it for any other.

So now you have some idea what I do everyday so when I tell you stories about other things that are going on during my day you will have some kind of context to put it in :).. Hope you enjoy my blogs and here are some pictures of the kiddos.






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