Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Kid quotes and Gi's

some kid quotes:
Judah to Avrah from the bedroom "You aren't old enough to know what Karma is."
Josiah to Judah as we pass the cemetery on the way to Jiu Jitsu, "That is where people go to die."
Judah correcting Josiah "No, they don't go there to die, they go there after they die."
Avrah in her best robot voice, frequently throughout the day "I AM A ROBOT"

Today the big boys got their gi's, after we got home and ate and showered, they tried them on, and that got them in a wrestling/fighting mood, so they had to show us everything they had been learning at class. They are doing so good at it, it is nice to see them fight in that way a very polite controlled manner. Their pushups have much improved. Also thank you Summer for working Jeremy out so hard that now he can't move :)..

1 comment:

  1. Your not old enough to know what karma is....I love it!!


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