Thursday, September 3, 2009


Dear Micah,
You are my youngest and smallest of all my children. Yet you have one of the biggest personalities, your smile is contagious as is your laughter. Every day with you is an adventure. I love how you can turn anything into a musical instrument, and sing and dance along to your own tune in your head. Would anyone else think to use plastic clothes hangers on the wii drums? You get so excited about little things like the ball I just threw for you to go get. You are always up for trying new things. I love how you are starting to stick up for yourself and not let brother take away EVERY thing you play with. Sure some of those very traits are the things that keep me on my toes all day ( or at least they should).  No Micah vaseline is not a toy, and don't climb up there because even though you might not fall off, I'm pretty sure brother will follow you and he will fall. I am so happy that you chose to come and be a part of my family. I can not imagine life without you. I love you.


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