Sunday, September 6, 2009


Today was a long busy day. We went to church this morning then to my mom's for lunch, then we came home put the babies in bed and then I mowed and Jeremy weed eated, is that proper english? Or would it be weed ate? See that doesn't look right either. Anyway it took about an 1hour and half which is pretty good timing. Then we had friends over for dinner. Jeremy made rice and beans to go with his home made tortillas, they brought chicken and mac and cheese and chips and salsa.. It was fun and yum.

This morning Avrah put her shoes on the wrong feet, she said "Is this right?" and I told her no and she needed to change them, and she said "I don't care" and I said well I care so please put them on the right feet and she said "but I don't care." There are some time that I have to try really hard not to laugh and try to keep a straight face at some of the things she says.

Sorry for the boring blogs lately. Maybe I should take the whole "If you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all." philosophy and apply it to blogging.. If you don't have anything interesting to say don't blog at all. hmm yes but some people may think it is interesting while others don' it's all in the eyes of the reader.


  1. in the eyes of this reader, your "boring blogs" aren't boring at all! it's fun to see a day in the life of a friend! keep on posting!

  2. Agreed w/ Rachel...

    Hahaha about Avrah's shoe situation. Gavin came down stairs last week w/ one yellow rain boot and one tennis shoe on. "Ummmmm...your shoes don't match."

    G- "I know."

    Me- "Well they need to be the same"

    G- "Why? I like yellow and green, both."

    Me- "Fine." I pick my battles :)


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