Saturday, September 26, 2009

Garage Sale and MiniLaps

This morning started wayyy too early for me. I woke up at 2:30 for no reason, and then could not sleep. I finally had to get up at 5:45 to make it to my 6:30 shift at the TMOMs Garage Sale. The garage sale went great. I sold a LOT of my stuff, not all of it, that's ok I'll save it for the one in the spring. If you didn't make it to this sale, you missed out! My mom and I went  shopping last night (members night) and we found lots of good deals, the babies now have a winter wardrobe, and I got some sweaters and mom found some clothes for herself also. Oh and we got the babies their halloween costumes..

my van loaded up with all the stuff.

sneek peek of the costumes (can you guess what they are going to be..besides cute)

My shift ended at 9:30 and from there I went home collected the family and then went out to the Little Light House where they were doing a thing called the mini-laps. TLLH is not government funded but is funded by donations only, this is a free school for children with disabilities, it is such an awesome program, all the things they do for and with those kids. This is one of their fundraisers, each kid (family) is supposed to raise a certain amount of money. This years mini laps theme was "It's a small world" and each child was dressed up as someone from somewhere else, then they have "floats" that they decorated to go with whatever they are dressed as. Some of their floats where their walkers or wheelchairs or wagons or bikes, or whatever they had. It was so amazing to see these kids and all the accomplishments that they have achieved in their short lives. Each child went around this little circle with a teacher and the emcee's would talk about that child and what they where learning and why they were there and how special each one was. Let me just tell you I am glad I was wearing my sunglasses because as each little guy/gal crossed that finish line my eyes would just well up with tears. My nephew Solomon was dressed up as a little jewish guy he is sooo cute.
If you ever have the opportunity or want to volunteer somewhere the little light house is totally worth looking into. Also if you are looking to donate your money somewhere please look into it.
Here is their facebook page where you can see all of the children from today.
and some pictures of Solomon

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