Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Second Child

Today Josiah brought home a paper from school and it was one of those draw a picture of yourself and tell about yourself papers. It said this " Josiah likes chocolate, tomatoes, cherries, and strawberries but does not like stickers or beavers." Beavers? What did Beaver's ever do to him..and Stickers? I guess everyone has to have something they don't like, but those just seem a little random, even for Josiah.

Judah and Josiah are now taking Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu I went with them tonight and watched them, the instructors are so good with the kids, they are so strict but very respectful to the kids. There was an older kid (maybe 13-15) that was there who they called up in front of the class to brag about him. He has a neighbor that is elderly and he helps him out with his lawn care and other things around the house. I just thought that was really neat that there are still youth out there that without being asked still do things like this.
Here is a picture I took. They were practicing positions
Josiah is in the orange shirt, Judah is in black this position is called "mount position" I think.
Josiah has also been getting notes sent home about him talking in class when he isn't supposed too. I think his Jui Jitsu class has the answer to that. Pushups!


  1. Damn Beavers. That seriously just made me laugh out loud!

  2. I have been giggling about Josiah's dislike of stickers and beavers since I read this. he's a funny guy.


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