Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday monday...

Happy Monday!
The beginning of another week. A new chance to be better. What did I do today? It's Monday so I did laundry, of course. I took the babies to a story time at the library, they really like it. Well they like running away from me in different directions. My friend Darla was there with her babies (twin boys) too. I think other moms in the group get a kick out of seeing more then one set of twins.  There has been a TMOM (Tulsa Mothers of Multiples) play date at the library story time and I think we had 4 or 5 moms with their twins. There is this one song that they sing and they get this little felt teddy bear and the song goes "Throw your teddy bear, and catch. Turn around turn around jump jump jump." and then it says to put the teddy bear different places like on your elbow and your finger and your toe and your back and then put him on your head and walk around the room. I think it may be the boys favorite that they sing, they don't really get the catch part but they love throwing the little teddy bears and also putting them on their heads. Usually only one boy gets the teddy bear in the right places because it is hard for me to get it on both of them, but today they were being kind of wild running out the door so I put them in their stroller and they calmed right down so we did the teddy bear song sitting, not quite as fun, but they still liked throwing the bears on the ground.

I got some books for the big boys. It seems like all the books we own are a little to young for Judah. I guess he needs older books.

I found out today that one of the people from this season's "The Biggest Loser" (starts Tuesday Sept 15th) is a parent from the boys' school. I don't know them but still that is pretty cool.

Off to fold some more laundry. Hope you had a great Monday too.

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  1. Let me know next time you go to storytime...I think I'm ready to step outside my comfort zone and try it w/ 3! Aghhhh! I just have to remember to ignore the dirty looks...


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