Sunday, October 4, 2009


This weekend I celebrated my 10th Anniversary. The actual anniversary date is the October 2nd. We didn't do anything really out of the ordinary on Friday. Kids went to school, I went to lunch with my mom. There was a fall festival and the boys' school that we went to. Usually Jeremy has class on Friday nights so I invited my BFF Ryan to go with us. She is the president of the PTA at her kids' school Vandever. I thought she  might like to come and get some ideas for their thing that they do. Plus I didn't want to take all 5 kids by myself. She was excited to go as were her kids, I think. Turned out that Jeremy did not "have" to go to class as they were reviewing for a test that his teacher told him he would have no problem with. So he got to go with us. The kids had a lot of fun and so did we. Saw Danny he is one of the contestants on this season of  The Biggest Loser. He looks GREAT! His kids go to W.C. with the boys. Also found out how far he gets in the competition.

Saturday we had planned to wake up early and do yard work, but the ground was pretty damp so we slept in instead, and then we went to a "Barbeque Tasting" to benefit The Little Lighthouse. Had some good BBQ and some not-so-good BBQ. Found out that the babies LOVE brisket! After that we took the kids to my moms house where we put Avrah, Hosea and Micah down for naps, which they promptly decided they were not going to take. Jeremy and I then took the big boys over to the Double Tree Hotel, where we had booked a room for the night. They have an indoor pool and we thought the big boys would like to go swimming, we spent about 2 1/2 hours in the pool, hot tub, steam room and sauna. Also learned a great lesson about hotels and little boys. Don't leave them alone in the room (even to go to the bathroom) with the remote to the TV or they WILL order pay-per-view and you will end up spending $8  on 20 minutes of a movie that they have already seen. (Wizards of Waverly Place the be exact).
Then Jeremy took me home to start getting ready and took the boys to meet Ryan at the church. I took a shower got dressed and went over to Victoria's house so she could do my make up for me. (pictures to follow), came back to the house, packed up our stuff and went to dinner.
We went to Benali's, it is a little italian restaurant. We love it. For some reason for the last 4 years or so we have gone there every anniversary and every valentines day. I highly recommend going.
We then spent the night at the hotel. Sunday morning we went to breakfast at IHOP, went to mom's to pick up the babies, hung out there for a while, ate some lunch, came home put babies and Avrah down for nap. Ryan brought the big boys home and hung out for a while. Played on the computer and just relaxed, until we put the kids to bed and then Jeremy and I did Jilllian Michaels Shred 1.
It was a great weekend. Probably will be a semi-busy week. and now for some pictures.
My new outfit. I know how Tim Gunn feels about leggings, but I think even he would think them ok if he saw my legs without them. :).

 My make up done by Victoria. (Thank you by the way) I think this is a funny picture because my left eye is droopy (probably because of the drink with dinner) and my eyes are bloodshot from the chlorine in the pool.

Jeremy also looked great but somehow we didn't get a picture with both of us in it.

Here is a link to my sisters blog (hope you don't mind Anna), she wrote a very nice one for me on my anniversary, in case you want to read it. It was very nice and made me cry.  Also some nice wedding pictures too.


  1. Hot Mama!! I'm glad you guys had a great anniversary!

  2. We love Benali's too! I use to work there when I was 19. Lookin' good lady!


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