Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lock up your daughters

Good day today.
We went to church, went and checked out the new wal-mart, went to Tim's house for family lunch.
We got the babies new onsies that say "lock up your daughters" and they had on little plaid shorts that were a size 0-3 months so they fit them in the waist but were a bit short, compared to what they normally use, and they were wearing there chuck taylor tennis shoes, so as my brother pointed out, they looked straight out of the 70's.

 After naps we went to Babies r us to look at car seats, and mom bought the babies new big boy car seats (this was their birthday present). These are the ones we picked out.

Then we went by moms to show her them, and then we went by what-a-burger for dinner. While we were eating, Josiah was reading the fry bag and he said "this is funny, it says "there is one nerd, you." "  we were like what a funny thing to put on the fry bag so I checked it and it said "there is one near you" this made much more sense, but it would have been funnier if it said what he thought it did.

We got a new shower curtain liner today, I love the way they smell. Jeremy makes fun of me, I don't care I love it.

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  1. it looks like Micah (?) is texting in this pic!


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