Friday, September 18, 2009


Today was a very non interesting day. I knew it would be a long one because first of all the kids were out of school for some kind of "professional day" and then Jeremy has class on Fridays he goes around 6 ( I think) and gets out around 1030. Everybody seemed to be busy doing there own thing today so we just hung out at home and had a lazy day. I played on the computer and listened to my book, and the kids played and watched tv. It looked like a lovely day to let the kids play outside, however since all the rain I have a HUGE mud puddle in the back yard, and if I was the kind of mom that deals with messes better I would have let the kids have a mud fight, but I'm not and we have two wasp nests in our back yard, (one on the underside of one of the swings) so I am keeping the kids inside until those are taken care of.

Josiah asked me tonight if Bee's were bad, and I went into this long schpeal about how they aren't bad and how we need them to pollinate the flowers and things like this and even though they may sting us they usually leave us alone if we leave them alone, etc.. and then Judah says to me, "no mom the letter grade B". Haha

Tomorrow is the Wolf Creek Neighborhood Garage Sale, it is one of the biggest and longest running, and it is a lot of fun, if you don't have to navigate your car through the neighborhoods on that day. We will not be having a garage sale but we will be garage saleing, oh except that we are supposed to have isolated thunderstorms all morning, hopefully this does not keep people from having their sales.


  1. So funny.... I am posting about a "bee" story too!! Kids are great, Right??


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