Sunday, September 20, 2009

Chicken and Waffles

As many of you know I do not eat pork, and most of my family doesn't either. Today for lunch we had pizza, some of it was pepperoni, and that is the kind that Judah asked for. Hours later he comes in the room and he says "Mom, I didn't eat pork, why does my stomach hurt?" and I said "you did have pork, you had pepperoni pizza today" , he somehow thought it was turkey and not pork. Anyway later on at dinner he says to me "Mom, that pork was uncalled for." and I said "You asked for it son." that was the conversation. I thought it was very funny, and kind of surreal.
Went to Wal-mart this afternoon with the family, we hadn't been shopping in a while so we needed lots of stuff. This was one of the craziest trips we have had with them all. The babies were fussy the big kids were rowdy. It was just a  mess. I guess, as Jeremy said, at least we provided lots of comic relief for the other Wal-mart shoppers.
I got the front yard cut, hopefully I can do the back yard tomorrow. Anyone know if there is rain in the forecast?

Happy 6th Anniversary to my Aunt Paula and Uncle Gary.

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