Monday, September 28, 2009

park play date

This morning Avrah woke up with a swollen eye. There was no crust or blood shot, just swollen.

Took Avrah to school and then had a twins play date at a park. It was a nice enclosed park with some big equipment and some small stuff for the little guys. We had a lot of fun. Julie and Darla came with their twins, they both have boy/boy. I didn't get any pictures of Julie and her adorable little guys, but I did get some of Darla and Ayden and Ashton

Hosea on the slide.

Micah at the top

Darla with Ashton and Ayden

Under one of the play things, they had a great time just sitting under there talking and throwing rocks..check out the hair from the static.

1 comment:

  1. Even with a swollen eye, Avrah is so beautiful! she looks like she's handling it well.


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