Thursday, September 24, 2009

Josiah Israel Vargas

Dear Josiah,
You amaze me. You always have. You have always been determined to be yourself. You would not fit into any mold or preconceived notions that anyone held for you. You are you. Right from the beginning you didn't do things as planned, you decided to come late, and then be bigger then the dr.'s said. Oh, they said you would be a small baby about 6-7lbs. Man they were wrong mr. 8lbs 14oz. . Then instead of being a calm good natured smiley baby you were very serious, now maybe that wasn't all your fault, maybe it had to do with me being down because daddy was gone, but I think maybe you weren't really serious, you were just trying to figure things out. You saw Judah going all over the place and you wanted to also. You really weren't happy until you were able to get around. At 5 months of age you were crawling, up on all fours crawling, then you were walking at 8 months and climbing too. There was no stopping you. If you wanted in (or out of)  something badly enough you just didn't stop till you were there. The rate at which you learn is shocking and still after 6 (well almost) years you still are doing things that amaze me.
My love for you is different than the others. You were not the easiest baby, nor are you the easiest child, but through all this adversity has grown a love that is so strong. Some days are very trying with you. Some are very pleasant. I wouldn't trade you for anyone else. I'm glad I had YOU when I did.
You are going to be great at whatever it is that you decide to do, whether it be an architect, a chef or a plumber you will be the best one you can be. You don't know how to be anything less then your best. You keep being you, and I will keep you safe from the beavers and the stickers. I love you little man.

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  1. Are all your boys little monkeys?! Such a cutie Martha :)


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