Saturday, September 5, 2009

taking it easy

Jeremy made tortillas this morning from scratch. They were really more like flat bread since we don't have a tortilla press, but they turned out pretty good for his first attempt, not surprising. Today there were lots of plans that were made but it seems like the weather didn't want to cooperate, I was going to mow the lawn and Jeremy was going to work on the fence but then the ground was all wet from the rain and it never did seem to dry out enough to mow, maybe tomorrow. All in all it was a pretty laid back day. Micah has figured out how to climb IN to the pack n play. Hosea loves to bring little balls to me and have me throw them for him to go get and bring back, but when Micah climbed into the PnP then Hosea brought him the ball to throw for him. It was very sweet to see them interact that way. They have been "talking" to each other more. Hosea has been "talking" to everyone, although no one seems to know what he is saying except for Micah who "talks" back in their language and Avrah who talks back in English, but she won't translate for me.

The kids are just now getting into the "High School Musical" movies, we watched one last week and then today I went and got the second one so when we were watching it Judah said to me, Mom I get the musical part of the first one, but I'm not getting the musical part to this one. He seemed to be ok with everyone just singing and dancing out of the blue but didn't understand that was the "musical" part of it, I guess. They all love it, when they start singing and dancing in the movie all the kids get up and start dancing around, very cute even Micah and Hosea bop along to the beat.

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