Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whoop there it is?

I knew it would start early. I didn’t know it would be this early. Today when I picked Avrah up from school, she met me at the door of her class telling me that Drake was her boyfriend. As we were getting her things out of her cubby one of the other moms informed me that when she got there her son and Drake were wrestling over who got to be Avrah’s boyfriend. I guess Drake won? I’m not sure how they decide these things when they are 3!

I have been listening to the new Gen X radio station, I kind of enjoy the throw back, it reminds me of my teenage years, although I’m not real sure that I am generation X, does anybody know who classifies these things? Yesterday “Whoop there it is” was on and I thought oh no I hope this song doesn’t make a comeback and why do I know all the words? Usually the kids will catch on to a song like that and start singing along, but since I didn’t hear any of them singing I thought I was safe, however when we got out of the car I heard Avrah singing “whoop there it is, whoop there it is” over and over and over.

Today I gave the babies some playdoh to play with in their chairs it was a homemade (not by me) pumpkin or spice kind it smelled good. Josiah brought it home from school a while back. The babies did enjoy playing with it.

I read the first chapter of a book I have to read for my history class, and I am already learning thing I didn’t know like Woodrow Wilson was a racist and set this country back about 30 years in race equality, also found out that Helen Keller was a socialist and that Betsy Ross had nothing to do with the flag (actually already knew that, but had it confirmed).

I am almost finished with my hat, I have all the triangles done and most of them sewn together just have a few more to sew together and then I have to crochet around the edge. Can’t wait to show you.

We had French dip sandwiches for dinner 3 of the kids liked them two of them had seconds 1 only ate cucumbers and one ate chips. Jeremy really liked them too.

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