Monday, January 18, 2010

MLK Day.

In honor of MLK day I took the big kids to go see “the book of Eli”…JUST KIDDING I took them to go see “Planet 51”. It was ok; half way through Avrah didn’t want to watch it anymore. There was one scene that sticks out in my head as being funny but probably inappropriate for the age group the movie was targeting. The movie is about an alien planet and a spaceship lands and it is a human. They all freak out because they think he wants to eat their brains and turn them into zombies, he befriends some teenage aliens and they end up saving him from the scientists who want to dissect him. Anyway in the scene where they have just saved him he jumps off the table and is naked, it doesn’t show anything of course but all these teenage aliens are looking at him and one of them says “that’s a strange place to have an antenna.” Now after hearing this I hear one of my boys say to the other, they’re talking about his penis. Real nice. It did turn out to have a good message in the end, don’t they all, about how not to be scared of something you don’t understand or just because it is different from you.

The big boys have been asking for Bibles and I’m not sure how they made it to this age without owning one, so I took the opportunity with just the three of the big ones to go and get them some. We went to Mardel and they got to pick out one each.

We went to my mom’s for dinner (thanks again Mom). After dinner I was trying to get Avrah to help me pick up all the toys, so I told her to put away something and she starts talking about her Bible, so I said “your Bible says to obey your momma” and she said “no, my bible says that I’m in charge” I don’t know what version she got, but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t say that. I set her straight, I think, but even though I told her again what it says I think she may still think that it says she is in charge. Hmmm

I’m real glad my kids are at the age where they think I know everything, I’m positive this will change in the near (probably too near) future. However it really makes it difficult to answer all their questions. Here are two questions they asked tonight on the way home that I really didn’t know the answers to.

#1 Does/Can air bounce?

#2 Why is the moon upside down (Judah) sideways (Josiah).

I have a feeling if I answer “I don’t know” too many more times they will catch on that I really don’t know anything. I did just make up an answer for those questions instead of telling them I didn’t know I told them I wasn’t sure but I thought that yes air can bounce, because sound can, although after re-thinking my answer it didn’t make much sense to me, and I told them that the moon was like that because “that’s what time of year it is.” I don’t even know what that means, but it did seem to be an ok answer for them. That must be the real reason I’m back in school, so I can have answers for all my little guys’ questions.

Did NOT get the laundry done.

Did get up early and work out.

Did get one of my cuffs done. (New knitting project I’m working on)


  1. We went to see The Book of Eli, you definitely should've taken the kids. :-) ha ha. no, but I bet I can guess which of your sons made that comment about the antennae. Surprised it wasn't Avrah! :-) Their question about air reminds me of the questions they asked when they were here: What is air made out of and what does it smell like?
    As for Bibles, mine says I'm in charge, too, cause I am a king and a priest, but it also says I have to obey my momma and God.
    I remember when our brothers tried to tell us the Bible said we had to obey them because it says submit to your elders. Sigh....

  2. i was just saying to my husband a few days ago that i'm worried that if i keep saying "i don't know" as often as i do currently, our kids are going to think i don't know anything, too! i've started trying to turn it around on them and ask them what they think when i don't know what to say. :-)


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