Sunday, January 3, 2010

Now it is over!

We only thought Christmas was over. Now it is really over. Jeremy’s family did Christmas today. However Hosea woke up with crusty swollen eyes and so I got to stay home all day with him and Micah. After cleaning out his eyes and giving him some eye drops, Hosea was fine.

It was a lame and boring day at my house today, which was mainly my fault; I was bummed for not getting to go and allowed myself to get dragged down by it all.

I did however knit a ball.

I don’t know why. It was supposed to be a box but I guess I didn’t make all the sides as even as I thought and they didn’t all meet up right so I had to make an extra panel but when I added it, it turned it into a ball instead of a box. It’s cool the babies love to throw it to/at me and then fight over it when I throw it for them to get. I tried to teach them to throw it to each other so they wouldn’t fight that only worked for a little bit and then they would forget that they were supposed to be sharing. Guess I should have made two.

Starting a new week tomorrow makes me happy. I love Mondays. A clean slate, a fresh start. Oh and I get my laundry done.


  1. I didn't know you knitted! I do to...well, kinda...I have several scarves going, but I don't know how to

  2. I love you and am so proud of you for knowing how to knit AND throw a ball, but you should change your profile picture and update the About Me. It's SO 2009. :-P


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