Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ready for School

I have my books, I have my schedule, I have my ID I am officially a student and am ready for class. I am taking American Federal Government and American History Civil war to present. Wish me luck.

E-mealz thing is going great, for those keeping track this was night three and we all liked it except Josiah, who thought it was too spicy (it wasn't it just had pepperonis-turkey of course- on it).

Anyone want some Amish Friendship Bread? I now have 4 starter bags that I need to pass on to someone else.

It is cold here, and getting colder. So cold in fact that the schools are all shutting down. That would be nice but I just spent two weeks with the kids and was just starting to get stuff done with them back in school. Oh well a little more time with them might be fun. Anybody want some boys for a couple days?


  1. Girl I don't know how you do it! Mom to 5 kiddos AND taking classes (not to mention keeping up with friendship bread?!) I am impressed!!

  2. Is these your 1st classes? Congrats! I want to go back to school SOON! Did you get grants? ahh, I have so many ???'s for you...I'll talk to you soon!!

  3. Dana, these are my first classes since I dropped out of ORU 11 years ago. I did get a grant through financial aid and after paying for classes and books I still have about $500 left over, so they are paying me to go to school. I'm only doing online classes for now since I can't find a time to go with all the kids.
    Bethany, Thanks :)!


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