Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Great Christmas Tree Hunt of 2009/2010

This past week has been great! I have enjoyed my husband being home a lot of it. He got to take Tuesday off and only had to work a half day on Thursday and then was off Friday as well. What, you might ask, did we do on all those days that he was off? We went SHOPPING! That’s right after Christmas shopping. The main thing on our list was a tree for next year. For the last couple of years we have had a small tree that we put up on a table so they can’t reach it. Next Christmas we will have our big one with my decorations and their small one with all the kids’ decorations.

This week we went to Marshall’s, Old Time Pottery, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Garden Ridge and Target (all three of them in this area). At each place we found a lot of great deals on Christmas stuff, but alas no tree that we wanted, some were too much, some too small, some too skinny. We did find one that we liked near the beginning of our search but it was a little more than what we wanted to spend and I thought for sure we could find one for less if we kept looking.
Let me just add here that it was not just me and Jeremy shopping. It was all seven of us. For the most part the kids did a really good job. (If you were at the new target yesterday and heard a child screaming for a long time...I’m sorry)
After searching all of those stores we decided that maybe we should go get that one that we found but of course when we went back it was gone.
This afternoon while the babies where taking a much needed rest I decided to check the one place that we hadn’t gone to yet. That’s right Wal-mart. Why we didn’t go there sooner I have no idea.

I went to the one in Bixby and as I was looking at their Christmas trees I was getting frustrated because they didn’t have the size that I wanted and I was about to call the search off and then I see it a box that was about the right size for the size tree that we wanted, it was off to the side of the garden center back behind the registers. I went over to it and nothing looked wrong with it. I was going to ask someone about it but there was only one checker and she was very busy and on the phone. I got tired of waiting for someone to ask and decided well if they have this one then maybe one of the other ones have it too, so I go and I drive over to the one on Elm only to find that no they have no more Christmas trees at all. So I call Jeremy to see what my next move should be, if I should just give up or go ahead and try the one on 71st...Shiver…

After getting “lectured” about why I didn’t get the one in Bixby and sternly told to go back and see if it was still there and actually ask someone about it if it was. I headed back to Bixby, it was still there and no one that I asked knew why it was off to the side or what it was doing there, and yes I could have it. So as I was waiting in line to be checked out another checker arrived and she was glad that she wouldn’t have to put the tree “back out”. (Ok, really lady it was like 10 feet away from all the other trees you couldn’t have put it back?) Turns out that some guy had bought it, taken it home and his wife took one look at it and said that it wouldn’t fit so he brought it back, they put it over to the side and Voila I got it.

So thank you man that bought a too big tree and thank you wife for sending him back to the store and thank you lazy check out lady that didn’t want to put the tree back out for holding my tree over to the side where no one else could get it. Thanks to all of you I will have a great tree next Christmas and for 75% off!

I finally got to go home and de-decorate (or would it be undecorated?) uh well take down all the Christmas stuff and tell it good bye until next winter.

This is my tree by the way, not an advertisement

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  1. Glad you found it! At least you have Wal-marts there with stuff in them! Well, this one should last you for life, right? :-)


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