Saturday, January 30, 2010

Frozen hot chocolate?

Another snow day? What is a mom to do with 5 stir crazy kids? Send them out to play in the snow of course. Only two of them wanted to go out in it, and that didn’t last very long. Whenever my kids go out in the cold they want hot chocolate to warm them up when they come in. After reading all of the snow ice cream posts today it made me want to try to make some, but we didn’t have the right ingredients for any of the fun ice creams. So I decided to make some frozen hot chocolate, it must be possible they sell it at serendipity in NYC, however I’ve never had it and I hear they keep the recipe a secret, so I just thought I would make my own concoction. Here is what I did

Ingredients you will need

I put my water in the microwave, 1 minute for every cup you make, 1 cup per envelope.

While that was heating up I put the hot chocolate powder and the marshmallows (we only had the large ones for some reason) in the blender. Then when the water was done I poured it on top and blended it all together. *WARNING* make sure your lid is on real tight, somehow mine kind of exploded out of the lid and got hot chocolate all over my counter, it wasn’t scalding so no one got hurt.

Once your hot chocolate is ready (I guess it really is more like warm chocolate) pour some into a bowl

Then add scoops of snow
 (if you do it the other way it melts the snow too fast and just makes cold chocolate soup)

The snow will suck up all the hot chocolate and will magically turn the snow brown

And enjoy


  1. Great idea, Martha! Looks yummy.

  2. I'd have to say that's not a bad idea!! :) Bet the kids loved it.


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