Thursday, January 7, 2010

Cold Day 1.

I am told it was cold out today. I do not know for myself because I did not venture out into it. We all stayed in our pajamas today, except for Josiah who for some reason got dressed in a long sleeve shirt and a sweater, he must have been cold.

We didn’t do much of anything today. I did however make the friendship bread, it was supposed to be made yesterday but we got home late last night and I was tired. So I made it today, it was still good. It must have been, because it makes two loaf pans and there is only one left. The babies REALLY like it, so do the big kids. I fed it to them for snack and after lunch dessert and after dinner dessert too. Their nutritionist would be proud (I am not being sarcastic, she would). Also for dinner I made a quiche I had never made one before and it was really good. Four out of the five Vargas children would agree. Can you guess who didn't like it? I thought it was appropriate to have a breakfast-ish dinner when you stay in your pajamas all day.

I am knitting a hat that I found in a knitting book, it is made up of all these different colored triangles. There are 6 colors and I need 4 of each color, plus 2 of any color. I have 2 more colors to go (8 more triangles) then I can start putting it together. Should be interesting, since I really don’t know what I’m doing.

I am not sure what is going on but Micah is starting to look abused. Actually that isn’t true I do know what is going on, it just isn’t going on in front of me, he is being sibling abused. Hosea has decided to take out all his frustrations out on Micah. I rarely ever see the actual event but the evidence of it is all over Micah, he has three or four different scratch marks, two different places on his face and one on his neck/chest, and then two different bite mark places too. I have no idea how to discipline Hosea for this if I don’t catch him in the act, and even when I do catch him I’m not too sure how to handle it, none of my other children where this aggressive. I know sometimes the babies gang up on Avrah and pull her hair but I don’t think they are this way to other children too, or at least I hope they aren’t. So far what I have done is tell Hosea “no” in a very stern voice and then pick up Micah and hold and comfort him and totally turn my back on Hosea, so that he doesn’t get attention for being mean to his brother. I also want Micah to stand up for himself, but I really don’t want knock down drag out fights going on either.

Here are some pictures of the babies in their pj’s.

Hosea was trying to put that in his pocket, he missed but still was pretty proud of himself.

Cute little brute!

See all the scratches on his face?
Sad cute little guy

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  1. Good job on the quiche! Was it your future food critic that didn't like it? (that's what Judah told me he wanted to be when he grows up, b/c he likes to eat) I'm sad to hear that Hosea is being abusive to poor Micah. I wouldn't know what to do about it either. Tell him AuntAnna said behave or he'll have dog duty when he comes to DC.


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