Monday, January 25, 2010

Hello to some old friends, goodbye to some new ones

My mom had raccoons in her attic. Not today, a while back. They tore everything up and made a nice home for themselves up there. So everything up there had to be replaced. This prompted my mom to go through some boxes that had been up there for a while. In one box were some of mine and my sisters old toys, I went through it and picked out some of the ones I remembered fondly and that didn’t have too much wear and tear on them, and that I thought Avrah might like to play with. I got them like last month, but I finally got around to getting them cleaned up.

Here are some of our old my little ponies

And a stuffed elephant music box (who was mine and whose name is Freedom)

I dug them out and cleaned them all up while Avrah was at school. She was so excited to see them, and after her nap she played with them for a long time. She has now latched on to Freedom, I didn’t really hang on to him for her, I was keeping him because he was mine. But I’m glad that he has found life again. I’m a big Toy story fan, can you tell?

These toys aren’t considered “vintage” are they? I’m not that old.

Here are some old toys that Jeremy’s mom gave us a couple years ago that the kids still love to play with.

Tonight we had Portabella pot roast with Wide egg noodles and steamed carrots and rolls. It got a 3 out of 5 kid rating. The younger boys only ate rolls (see I’m trying not to call them babies any more since someone brought it to my attention that they won’t like that when they get older.)

Unfortunately while making dinner I had to say goodbye to a dear friend. It had served me well and was one of my favorites. It was my pampered chef bar pan. It broke in half. This was my fault. I had turned on the wrong burner (the front) for the noodles and then realized it and turned the right one on (the back), but then left the front on thinking I’ve got to steam the carrots so I’ll use that burner. Got distracted put the rolls on my beloved bar pan, about that time I hear one of the kids yell that the babies were in the bathroom, so I run to go get them out of there, and then Avrah comes in and tells me there is something going on in the kitchen that I HAVE to see. It was the broken bar pan on the hot burner. And the rolls that were touching the burner (our stove is electric) were on fire. I turned off the burner and grabbed a wet rag and threw the burning rolls into the sink (see I’m learning, I didn’t throw water on them) and salvaged the other ones. But my poor bar pan. Now you know don’t put stoneware on hot burners, they will break.

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