Monday, January 11, 2010

Ups & Downs


Got up early and did shred- Jillian really hates you when you take three weeks off!

Got most of my laundry done- still have two baskets to fold, one in the washer and one in the dryer, and three still dirty. Ok this one may be a down.

Cooked dinner off of my menu and did not eat out.

Kitchen is cleaned up after dinner.

All five kids made it to bed alive (after the day I had today, that is saying something in and of itself) by 8.

I finished my first assignment. Don’t be impressed it was just to introduce myself to the class and write something about me and my school goals.


Didn’t get my laundry done.

Didn’t get the Christmas boxes put away.

Did make a great dinner but the kids did NOT think it was great. They each ate only little parts of it. Dinner was Bean and Ham (turkey ham) soup and coleslaw (with apples and peanuts in it) and cornbread. Dinner went like this. Judah didn’t eat the coleslaw and threw a fit because I wanted him to taste it before deciding he didn’t like it. It did have “dressing” on it after all I should have known better, but he did eat and like the soup so he got some cornbread. Josiah loved the coleslaw (which he kept calling Salisbury steak for some unknown reason), he liked it so much he ate Judah’s, but he did not eat the soup but since he ate the coleslaw he got cornbread. Avrah decided she didn’t want either and mixed them together (yuck) and so she didn’t get any corn bread. Micah dumped both bowl out before I had a chance to even get the other kids’ on the table, that was probably my fault, he did not eat any of either, Hosea set his aside in the little cup holder but also would not eat any of either, although I did get him to taste the soup as he was screaming about it I shoved it in. He didn’t eat any more of it. The babies ate cornbread for dinner. I thought it all was good.

I guess my ups do outweigh my downs although my last down stressed me out a lot, sure is easier when you have help with dinner. Note to self only make foods you are sure they will eat when you have them on your own. The dryer just buzzed so now I have 3 loads to fold. Tomorrow will be better I can tell.


  1. Jillian also does not think about what you need to do with your arms and legs for the rest of the day! PS- I don't think you can call them babies much longer. :(

  2. I can call them babies as long as I want because they will forever be my babies :)

  3. what's up with babies and putting unwanted food in their cupholders?

  4. Dana- I don't know, Hosea puts his in the cupholder and then puts his cup on it, as if I won't see it and think he ate it..


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