Thursday, January 14, 2010

"I'm toooooo heavy"- Avrah

You may find what I am about to tell you amusing, but let me tell you it is really annoying.

Whenever I tell Avrah to do something she starts to go do it and then “slips” and falls and starts to whine that she is “too heavy”, and then starts to “try” and stand up only to “slip” again. I have no idea how to get her to stop doing this.

Good news. I did get my hat finished, I am not exactly thrilled with the way it turned out but I did have some cute models try it on for me.

It's a hat for me by the way :)

Also J got the Christmas boxes put away. Thanks Babe.

Of my three goals that I had for this week I accomplished two of them, well actually J accomplished one of them and I did the other. One day this week I got up early and worked out, I’m going to blame not feeling well, not the best excuse I know. Next week the goal will be to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. At least I won’t be working on a silly hat until the wee hours of morning.

For those of you who care and asked me to let them know how it goes. The e-mealz thing is going great. So far we have been doing it for 2 weeks and we have only not done the dinner and got take out instead once. I’d say that is pretty good.

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  1. I did think that was pretty funny, but here are my ideas for how to make her stop:
    1) When she asks you for something, tell her you're too heavy to do it
    2) When she wants to play with something or do something fun, tell her she's too heavy
    3) Say, "Oh my goodness, you're right! We'll just have to chop off all your hair to make you light enough!" (or take off other body parts)
    4) Say, "Hmm, God told me you were just perfect for the job, I bet He's right!"


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