Friday, January 29, 2010

Ice + snow = clean house.

Today when we woke up everything was covered in ice. Jeremy went ahead and went in to work. He came home a couple hours later. It felt like Saturday most of the day. It then started snowing around noon and didn’t stop for seven hours. It is very pretty but I’m glad I had nowhere to be.

We spent most of the day cleaning. Jeremy did a couple of odd jobs that had been needing to be done. Plus he bought new curtains for the living room and a new rod to put them on. It looks great, I will take pictures tomorrow and then you can see the snow too.

We had hamburgers for dinner, they were delicious, and the babies had chicken nuggets. Everybody enjoyed their dinner.

Here are some pictures I meant to post on Thursday, from Bikes balls and you.

One of mine (Micah I think) and one of Dana's
Hosea-who always stops and poses for me
Dana's little boy Gavin in motion
Best friends "Abra" and "Gabin". At one point they had lost each other and were both running around in opposite directions yelling for each other, it was very cute.
Actually playing together instead of fighting!!

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