Saturday, January 23, 2010

Play dates, chess tournament, dance party and more.

Today was the chess tournament. Sign in this morning was at 8:00. Judah decided that he wanted IHOP for breakfast, because they are having their all you can eat pancake special. Anytime there is an all you can eat anything Judah takes it as a personal challenge. Last time he ate 7 pancakes. If you’ve seen the kid you know this is impressive, he is about 4 foot and about 57 lbs. Not very big. Today he only ate 5. Jeremy took Judah and Josiah to IHOP and then to the chess tournament.

I had a twin mom play date at the mall to go to around 9, so I took the other 3 kids there. Memaw and Pawpaw (Jeremy’s dad and mom) came and picked up Avrah to take her to go see “The Princess and The Frog”. Then I took the babies and picked up some lunch for J and the kids and went to the chess thing too. The kids were busy playing math games on the lap top and after we ate Jeremy had to go to class. An old friend from when Judah played soccer was there with her son and so I got to sit and catch up with her and I had my knitting stuff so I finished off my hat. I was done with it before, but when I showed someone who actually knew something about knitting they asked me “are you going to finish it” and I thought that I had already, but after they said something I noticed what they were talking about and now it is finished (all the loose threads are tucked away instead of sticking out everywhere) also I added braided tassels. SEE.

Meemaw and Pawpaw brought Avrah back to me at the tournament. We all got home just in time for the babies to go down for a nap. Most days Avrah will nap also, however when the big boys are home she won’t nap, because she knows they aren’t, even when they are quiet. So instead of napping she got into my make up and put it on all of her animals, it was actually a cover up stick but it looks like a lipstick so all her little animals got cover up lipstick. I hope it will come off in the wash.

While the kids were “resting”/napping I got some homework done. I took another history quiz and got a 100%, don’t be too impressed it was open book with the page number right next to the questions. Plus it was multiple choice and you get 1 hour for 10 questions. There is no reason to not get a 100%. Then I worked on some extra credit stuff and studied for the real exam that will be in about 2 weeks.

Dinner tonight was BBQ meatloaf with Cheddar/garlic mashed potatoes and salad. Surprisingly it got a 5 out 5 kid rating. The babies didn’t eat at first, but then they would eat it off of my fork, and then they wanted to feed themselves with my (Jeremy was feeding Hosea and I was feeding Micah so I guess it was our forks) fork. Somehow we ended up with their little baby forks and they had the big forks; the big kids thought that was funny.

After bath, and cleaning of the rooms, we had a short dance party, then we read our books and off to bed the kiddos went, and I am going to go to bed soon too. This week was hectic; hopefully this next week will not be so.

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  1. how did Judah do in the tournament?


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