Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Potty talk

I got a potty chair yesterday and let the babies sit on them last night. Today I put them on 4 times. They really do like sitting on the potty. I have the potty chairs set up in the bathroom. Our bathroom is set up so that the toilet and tub are separate from the sink. So I put their chairs in the sink room, we have a little stool and that is where I sit, now if for any reason I need to get up and go get something, they get up too. Micah feels that the door needs to be closed so if I get up and go get something, like a diaper or another toy/book because they are fighting over the one, Micah will stand right up and shut the door behind me but he forgets to sit back down and promptly climbs up on the stool and of course if he is not going to sit on his potty then neither is Hosea. So in the less than a minute that it takes for me to get whatever it is, there is havoc in the bathroom. Neither of them have gone in the potty yet, however as soon as I got their diapers back on Micah pooped (twice this happened) and once while I was getting Micah’s diaper back on him Hosea stood up and peed on the floor. I really didn’t expect much from them today as we are just practicing and getting used to the potties.

Tonight we had roast beef paninis (from the left over roast from Monday) with tabouli and potato salad. 3 out of 5 kid rating.

OH and I have a correction from last night it turns out that Micah did eat his lasagna (Jeremy was feeding him) there was a lot on his tray and the floor so I just assumed he didn’t eat, I stand corrected.


  1. How old are the twins now? Sounds like a typical afternoon here :D

  2. This is a good idea. I'm going to write a blog about all the pottying that goes on in this house or in our yard. I think people will be interested in it. :-) But seriously, I also feel like the door needs to be closed when I'm in a room with a door. Is Micah like that with other rooms or just the bathroom?

  3. The babies will be 20 months on the 5th.
    Anna- Yes he is like that with other doors, but more than just doors, cabinets, drawers, anything that is left open he feels needs be closed.


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