Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great news!

I have great news! My old friend that just broke read about it here. After reading yesterdays blog my sister my pampered chef consultant called me and told me that if I sent in a palm sized piece of my broken bar pan that pampered chef would send me a new one for free! Isn’t that awesome?!

I got to hang out with my best friend today, and go to lunch with my two bestest friends. Turns out the babies do not like sushi, but I do so that is ok.

I got another potty chair today so now we can let the potty training begin. Tonight after dinner and before their bath I had the boys sit on their potties and read them the “once upon a potty” book to them. I don’t think they are ready yet, but just thought I would introduce them to it.

Oh dinner was Lasagna and it got a 3 out of 5 kid rating. For some reason the babies don’t like any kind of pasta except for spaghetti, very strange.


  1. I love the strategic placement of your knees :D I have a "non pasta eater" too. So strange! i thought all kids liked pasta! Glad to hear you can get your bar pan replaced :D

  2. Good news on bar pan...great pc sister.. cute pix love msmom

  3. That is great news about your pan! My girls won't eat lasagna either. It's so weird because they love all the ingredients.

  4. Funny, I don't remember going to have sushi for lunch with you. But then again, today was a blur. And that is an awesome picture! It should win some "Best Strategically Placed Knees" contest.

  5. haha! LOVE the picture! My boys don't like spaghetti, lasagna, or pizza...no red sauce at all...totally non-american...or is it non-italian? ;)


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