Sunday, January 24, 2010

Football? What's a football?

Relaxing day at home? Nope not today. We went to church, then to mom’s for lunch, and then we went to Michaels to get some supplies. I got some circular knitting needles that I am excited about trying out, also all their Christmas stuff was 90% off, I got a wreath that was originally $50 for $4.99.

 All their ribbon was on sale too, I restrained myself and only bought two rolls, it was a $1 a roll, one is red and I’m going to use it on some cute Valentines things for the kids’ teachers. And the other has some pink and green and red ribbons, I figure I can use it for St. Patrick’s Day.

We are going to start implementing a new disciplinary/rewards system that one of my friend’s blogged about that they were using and it worked well for them, so we are going to try it out. You can read about it here* (if you are reading this on facebook see the link at the bottom). So we bought some little dishes and some colored stones for the three big kids.

Avrah's, Judah's, Josiah's

I went grocery shopping with Judah and Avrah. That was much easier than with all of them. While we were at the store my wonderful husband made dinner and had it almost ready to eat when we got back. It was seafood jambalaya without the seafood. So I guess it was just jambalaya. It got a 4 1/2 out of 5 kid rating. Why the ½? 3 of them picked out the meat (turkey polish sausage) and 1 complained it was too spicy but ate it anyway, just very slowly with lots of drinks. (It was not spicy, that child is just all about the drama)

I'm looking forward to a not so busy week. Although then my blogs might be boring and you may have to endure more subpar poetry.


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