Saturday, January 9, 2010

Uneventful Day?

Yes it almost was. I was just sure that I would have nothing to blog about and it would be another one of those boring blogs. But no there was a little excitement after all.
Jeremy was cooking a brisket and some pork shoulders for the church’s work day today. He started them yesterday. Well actually he got them ready and told me to put them in at what time. So I did. When I put them in however I was in hurry and I slid them in instead of pulling out the rack and placing it on. Unbeknownst to me I had torn little holes in the bottom of the tinfoil that they were wrapped in, yes all three of them. While they were cooking the “juice” was leaking out the bottom onto the bottom of my stove. Not to fear when Jeremy noticed it this morning he fixed the wholes and the brisket was one of the best he has ever made (he cooks them for about 20 hours), I heard the pork shoulders were good also. Anyway there was still “juice” all over the bottom of the stove, which I promptly forgot about.

Keeping that in mind, the rest of the day we all just hung out and lay around. Josiah played on the computer with Avrah and Judah played on the wii and the babies played in some empty diapers boxes. Jeremy had class. A very lazy day. I didn’t think Jeremy would be home for dinner as his class usually goes till 6:30 and for some reason I thought it would be later then that when he finally got home. I decided to not make the meal on the menu but to just do chicken nuggets for the kids, and since the babies where fussy and already hungry I put theirs in the microwave. Then I decided to make the big kids’ chicken in the oven so I turned it on to preheat it and when I went to put the chicken in I notice all this black smoke coming out of the oven. I opened it up and sure enough there is a little fire in my oven. So without really thinking I grabbed a small cup of water that was on the counter and I threw it on it. Let me pause right here to let you know that I am very aware of the fact that you are NOT supposed to use water on a grease fire. But it was in the oven and I didn’t think oh it’s a grease fire I just thought oh it’s a fire, hurry put water on it. Luckily all the kids were in the other room because as you may have guessed as soon as the water hit the fire it got bigger, I slammed the oven shut and while reminding myself about the whole water/grease thing remembered what you are supposed to use on grease fires… flour or baking powder, so I grabbed the big bag of flour and poured some onto the nearest plate and opened the oven ,by this time it was just really black smoke, I’m pretty sure the fire had been smothered out when I closed the oven door, but just to be sure I dumped the flour in there too.

All is well now, just a very messy oven that needs to be cleaned out.

And Jeremy saved dinner by bringing home Chinese food. So that is one day this week that we ate “out”. Not too bad.


  1. That is sooooo funny!

  2. I laughed out loud because
    my oven sent out black smoke when I was cooking my pizza for dinner. It did not catch on fire but it was the monkey bread overflow left fom Christmas morning! love M'sMom


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