Tuesday, January 5, 2010

How many DVDs?

It is time to move the DVD player out of reach of the babies. How do I know? Because today when I was looking for the DVD I needed to return and couldn’t find it I decided to open up the DVD player. As I was unplugging it and moving it around I heard a rattling so I thought well maybe there is more than just one in there. I was right. I opened it up and found the DVD I was looking for plus 11 more also!!

TMOMS tonight.

Big boys at school, babies and Avrah napping, dinner in the crock pot, face book all checked, two triangles done for a hat that I am knitting. And now with the blog out of the way I’m going to go enjoy the quiet and watch Heroes.

PS. If you are reading this on my facebook page, if you scroll to the bottom right above the comment box, there is a link that says "view original post" if you click there it will take you to my actual blog.

1 comment:

  1. hey, at least you found the dvd you were looking for!


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