Saturday, January 16, 2010

What's in a name

The Babies have a new trick. They can now climb out of their highchairs. They have been climbing into their highchairs for a while now, but they have to push a chair over to them, also if the chair is left there they could climb back out. Tonight I watched them climb out without any help. I call them babies, but as was pointed out to me they are getting older and aren’t technically babies any more, they are now 19 months old, but in an attempt to not have their identity wrapped up in being twins I try to not refer to them as “the twins” and really never have, but I do call them the babies, which may or may not be worse. The big kids call them baby, doesn’t matter which one they have they don’t have to stop and look and figure out who they are talking about they can just say “the baby”, for example “the baby is hitting me”, “the baby is climbing on the table”, “the baby is throwing things at me”. I guess if I really wanted them to have a sense of individuality I would call them by their names at all times and insist that others do also. But since they probably won’t be reading my blog any time soon, I will still refer to them as the babies, and you all can just know who I’m talking about.

I haven’t seen much of J lately; he has been cleaning and rearranging the garage all week. I’m not complaining, just saying. He must have uncovered his table saw because he said something about making a table. He also said something about making a chest of drawers. And some shelves. He is so handy. I’ll post pics when he gets them done. I’m just hoping to park in the garage again before spring, although I was also hoping to park in it before it got cold too, and that didn’t happen, I won’t hold my breath.

As per a suggestion I got on a previous post about an annoying new "trick"Avrah has picked up. We tried telling her that we would just cut off her legs if they were “too heavy”. Yep that worked she jumped right up and did what she was told. Thanks Antanna. We’ll see how long that lasts. Also we have had less biting incidences from Hosea, although he still does it when he is very frustrated and not getting his way from his brother. But I think what helped is this. I was watching them play and Micah was in his way and he wanted him to move so he opened his mouth to bite him and I jumped up and kind of flipped him on his mouth and told him “no, we do NOT bite.” And it was like it dawned on him that that was what I meant by biting, I think maybe he didn’t know exactly what was making his brother start screaming and what he was getting in trouble for, but now he knows and he hasn’t been doing it as much.

Took my first history quiz today and got a 100% I am so excited!

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  1. congrats on the test I knew you would do well!
    love msmom


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