Monday, January 17, 2011


My school's gym was closed this morning, because of MLK Day. So my VBF and I decided that instead of skipping we would try something else.

We decided to go try out Zumba. We used to do this about a year ago when we both had memberships to the Y.

I have never claimed to be graceful, or to have any rhythm. In fact if someone were to record me doing Zumba and send it to AFV I'm pretty sure it would win.

But we did have fun, and we did have a good workout.

Josiah wasn't feeling too well today, so he was chosen to be my picture of the day model.

Day 17


  1. Sorry he's not feeling well. :(

    I love Zumba, but have only done it a time or two. With working opposite shifts, that's the type of thing that gets cut out first.

  2. poor little guy... hate when the munchkins are sick! :(
    Hope he gets better quick!
    Zumba, huh? FUNNY!


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