Sunday, January 9, 2011


For me, school starts back up tomorrow.

I'm taking three classes this semester, but I have them staggered so that

I'm not taking all three at the same time.

The window seat is finished, and the playroom is almost complete, I will put up pictures when it is.

This week I hope to get my house back in order, and help these toys find their homes.

Here is hoping that everyone stays healthy this week and the snow doesn't cancel school, so I can get stuff done.

and might I add, BRRRRRRR!

What does this week have in store for you?

Day 9


  1. I think I might have a baby this week. Your socks look warm.

  2. Lol ... well, I can't top Anna.

    I have varying levels and types of illness with the kids. We have 3 basketball games and a practice or two, and I'm getting ready for Jackson, Abby, Avery & my Dad's birthdays. (I think that's what I'm going to blog about- then I can go to bed!)

    And yes, it's FREEZING! We've had a fire going most of the day!

  3. Second salsa dance lesson Friday. First professionally done family pictures on Saturday!! Yay!! (maybe I should be crying?... we'll see)

  4. I am loving all the new blogs! Cute socks!!-ry


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