Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Two Things Tuesday

The word for today is unexpected.

1. The first thing that was unexpected was that I ran a mile this morning, we used to do this everymorning, but haven't ran one straight since mid November. I hope to start adding to this soon.

2. The second thing was that I was able to go see my VBF after our morning workout. Her washing machine broke, again. One of the tubes on the inside had come undone and so I went over to her house and helped her fix it, hopefully this time it stays fixed.

3. The third thing was an unexpected trip to Pryor. Mr. Vargas' dad is running for Mayor of Pryor, and we had some signs and t-shirts to take to them. We had a great time. Thanks for all the bananas and cookies MeMaw!

See that third one was unexpected wasn't it?

What are your two or three things?

Day 11

1 comment:

  1. Hey! Randy's Mom, two sisters, and brother in law's family all live in Pryor- we'll drum up some votes for Grandpa! lol


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