Monday, January 3, 2011

Ready to Run

Last May I started running, nothing too serious. I bought a pair of running shoes on sale at a sports store. I would get up at 5:30am and go run across the street from my house. They have just started developing the land over there and the neighborhood is all laid out in these cul-de-sacs, I thought it was the perfect place to run, very few houses, but all lit, and close to home. I would take my dog Leia and just go run for twenty minutes and then come home, and since I was basically just running circles I was never very far from home. My running alone soon turned into 4 of us out run/walking at 5:30 and then back down to three. Then we started seeing Coyotes, and we decided we needed to find a different place to run. We then started running at the high school’s track down the road, and then it got cold, we took most of December off and discovered our college had a free gym with an indoor track, perfect for cold weather babies like me.

A couple months ago I was informed that if I was going to run, I needed better running shoes, and since my ankles, heals and knees were starting to hurt I agreed. So my VBF (Very Best Friend) and I headed over to an actual running shoe store and had them measure our feet and our stride and let them tell us what kind of shoe we needed, unfortunately neither of us had the extra funds to purchase, so sadly we left the store empty handed, and sore footed (is that a word).

Until today.

Day 3

Can't wait to run tomorrow.

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