Saturday, January 1, 2011

Revisiting Resolutions

I was just reading last year’s New Year’s blog and it reminded why I like to blog in the first place. I’ve had people ask me, “Why do you blog?” I usually just tell them that I like to write and because it is an easy way for people (like grandparents) to check in with me and see what is going on with my little family. But another reason and probably one closer to the truth is that life just happens too fast for me to keep track of it all, and here is place that I can write it down and come back and look at it and see how much has changed, and how much hasn’t.

Last year at this time I was looking forward to starting school, improving my knitting and being ready for the kids to be back in school.

In 2010 I took 7 classes, out of the 7 I made 6 A’s and 1 B. This next semester I am taking 3 more classes.

My knitting was put on hold and I’m afraid to tell you I haven’t picked it up in a while, sometimes my hands just hurt too much.

I am still looking forward to the kiddos going back to school on Monday, some things never change, but I’ll tell you this has been one of the most enjoyable Christmas breaks we have had. The weather was lovely and the kids are all at a great age, where most of the time things run smoothly.

Hosea and Micah are learning to share and most of the time with adult supervision they are really getting this concept, hopefully this year they will learn to initiate this on their own. Another great accomplishment for them this year is actually sleeping in their beds, instead of on the floor by the door. One thing we are looking forward to this year is potty training and being at least day diaper free.

And on that topic we had a HUGE milestone this year. Josiah (my 7 year old) has had issues with staying dry over night, thankfully he is a skinny little thing and he could still fit into pull-ups. When I was pregnant with Hosea and Micah we started waking him in the middle of the night to take to the bathroom and then he started staying dry, but soon it stopped mattering when we took him kept waking up wet, so we decided he wasn’t really ready yet. Our rule was that if he stayed dry 5 nights in a row he could then try to wear underwear to bed. At some point a couple months ago he just started staying dry, and hasn’t looked back since, he has only had like 2 accidents since. We are so proud of him, and I think he is very proud of himself as well.

Judah has finally got the hang of math and it is no longer a subject he is struggling with in school. He is also finally making some really good friends at school (as opposed to acquaintances). This year he is going to have some great musical experiences (more on this later), his resolution last year was to gain weight,( which he did!) this year when asked, he said “To ignore his brother Josiah more.”
As for my little princess, this is the year she turns FIVE, a whole hand! She will start all day Kindergarten, probably start reading (she is very close now) and hopefully will start staying dry at night herself. (She said she has to be five first, despite my best efforts to tell her otherwise)

A new thing for me this year is going to be to take at least one picture a day, haven’t decided yet if I am going to post the pictures daily or weekly, or maybe a mixture of both depending on my how busy my life is at that moment. This idea was stolen from a friend; it is called “A Year in Pictures.” So there is something for you to look forward to.
DAY 1!

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  1. Very nice, sis! I'm so proud of Josiah, that's a huge deal! I'm proud of all of them, they are growing up so well. I've thought about doing the picture a day thing, too, but I'm going to do it once Blueberry is born, so I can chronicle his/her whole first year. Welcome back to blogging. Love you!


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