Friday, January 21, 2011


I am convinced that Mr. Vargas makes the best sushi in town.

From the classic California roll, to his own "American style"

"The Everything Roll"

He does it all, and it is all so delish'

I never want to go out for sushi again!

Day 21


  1. can't even bring myself to TRY it... just can't do it!

  2. looks yummy!! Where do you get your sushi grade fish?? I have all the stuff to make it but I haven't tried it yet!

  3. Stacy~ He bought the fish at Bodeans.
    Rachel~ Why? Is it the fish that scares you? Most of my favorites don't even have fish in them..

  4. Somehow I missed this blog! Now I am really wishing we had come over!!!


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