Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Isn't technology grand!

Tonight my sister called me and we were able to facetime.

So I was able to see my new niece in real time.

And of course I had to catch the moment for you guys to share with me..

I'd like to introduce you to Ayla Jewel

Aren't those cheeks scrumptious! I also love that you can see my kids adoring their new cousin.
Ayla with her Dadda. And still her adoring cousins
I'm sorry I just couldn't resist one more.

Oh and because of my sister's awesomeness I get to go out there and kiss those sweet cheeks in February! YEAH!

Today's picture of the day is what I am privileged to see in my rear view mirror most days. Aren't I lucky!

Day 18


  1. It was so cool to chat with AND see you. Can't wait to actually see you. I'll try to keep her cheeks nice and soft for you (no promises, though, I'm working on eating them off!)

  2. How precious! That is a LOT of cuteness in one blog!


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