Friday, January 7, 2011

To Match or To Not?

When I was pregnant with Hosea and Micah, one question that I was asked a lot was
 “Are you going to dress them the same?”

To this I would answer, no I’m not, maybe sometimes on special occasions or for pictures but not on a daily basis.
However as they have grown I have found that I do dress them the same, maybe not the exact same outfit, but usually the same thing just in a different color. Their closet is organized around outfits, their pants are all hung up, two to a pant hanger, and their shirts are all put in so that the matching shirts are next to each other.
This was not something I meant to do. Before they were born, I was sure I was going to not dress them alike, I was going to let them have their own clothes and each their own personality and not try and make them be like their brother, but along with some other things I meant to do, that went out the window when they arrived.

I think the thing I find the hardest is that I want them to both be equals, I don’t want one to be cuter than the other, or to be dressed in newer clothes, and since there are older brothers and cousins there are a lot of hand me down clothes, although not a lot of doubles there. I’m going to go out on a limb and say I know it sounds crazy, and maybe you just can’t understand unless you are a mother of multiples.
I know that one day they will not want to dress alike, and I will be ok with that, because then they will be old enough to choose their own style and have their own opinion and be able to express their individuality. Until then I’m going to keep coordinating their clothes and dressing them alike, except for today, which was a rare occasion.

Because I’m the mom, and I can.
On a side note, I think my boys were born to be models, they followed instructions so well and they love having their picture taken, I bet you can’t tell in these that just seconds before I took my camera out to start shooting Hosea was bawling because Micah took his toy.

Seriously, if anyone needs models let me know.

Day 7


  1. I need models!! I don't know what for, but I'll figure out something. Did you take these with your iPhone? They are really great pictures. It trips me out how much I see Josiah in Micah.

  2. I did indeed.. Thanks. It just was more handy, I guess I should start taking with actual camera. A lot of people say that, guess I don't see it as much, they just each look like their own self to me.

  3. I totally know where you are coming from and feel the same way! I have pretty much quit buying something that there is just one of because I know I will most likely not end up every putting them in it! You do have some cute boys there! In the second picture down the boy on the left(??)looks just like Avrah in the face!

  4. Hosea in green stripes, Micah in Grey. And you are right Darla he does!

  5. We dress the twins like you're talking... coordinated but different. I'm paranoid about one being cuter, etc. too. Lately they want to dress identically. And I don't have that many identical outfits (hand me downs here too)... I may have to buy a few so they can dress the same more often.

  6. I am exhausted from "triples" of everything because my son was only 13 moths old when my twins were born. I can't even bare buying the same anything. I will get stuff that carries the same style but that's it. Except for Pj's they will fight over them LOL! It's funny you posted this today however because on my blog my mom had gotten my twins dressed and had them matching identical, it drove me nuts all day!!

  7. I think you are right. You cannot understand this "need" that some MOM's have to dress them alike unless you are a twin mom. My girls are 4 now and in PreK. They usually pick different outfits to wear to school, but when we get gifts or buy outfits, we get similar ones. I feel that it's equal that way! They could care less. Love the blog!

  8. It's so hard with boy/girl twins. I don't want one to be dressier or cuter than the other. And since there are so many options for girls, it's even harder.

  9. oh yes. i completely agree. you know girls are ALWAYS the same. i remember one xmas when i was younger that i got jeans and both my sisters got jean skirts....i was so bummed that they were cuter then me. until they pick out their own clothes....i'll dress them the same =)

  10. i agree with annissa... b/g are so hard! i dress bella in cute stuff since she's my only girl, but all i really have for jonathan is the hand-me-downs! he looks cute too, but it's all clothes i've seen 2 other times with the big boys! it's fun to dress 'em in coordinating things, but that's hard to do with a boy and a girl! so very frustrating!


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