Friday, January 28, 2011

"Where I am From"

“Where I’m From”

I am from a huge willow tree in the backyard with big branches for stretching out on and reading a good book,
From a pink Huffy with streamers flowing from the handlebars and a bent up purple Hula Hoop.
I am from a home with always used things, never new, but with love-so much love.
Crisp, dark mornings; the sound of newspapers hitting porches.

I am from fallen leaves that we raked for a quarter a bag,
The petunias Grandma let me help her plant each spring; I admit I did brag,The sweet smell always brings back memories of being in her arms.

I’m from going to Poppo and Grandma’s house on Sunday afternoons and being stubborn when I know I’m right, from Bell and Siegel.
I’m from the “Everyone is accepted as part of our family” and “With education and hard work you can achieve anything”,From “Rise and shine and give God the glory” and “Children are a blessing and never a curse”.

I’m from loving God first, others second, and myself third. To being the best me, I can be.
I’m from a single Momma who worked too many jobs for not enough pay, so that her four children could go to private schools every day.

This is a poem that I wrote for my Comp I class. I have to be honest with you, when I first saw the assignment I was not happy about it, and while I was doing it, all I could think was how much it was going to suck. But I don't think it turned out too bad. Obviously or I would not post it for all to see.
This assignment was meant to help us to be more descriptive with our writing.
The poem originally came from George Ella Lyon and we were given a template to fill in.

Now here is the challenge for all of my blogger friends out there.
Here is the template, you fill it in with where you are from, and post it on your blog.
If you do this please come back by and leave me a comment with a link to your blog so I can enjoy yours as well.
and since I am posting this earlier in the day to give you all a chance to get the assignment done, my P.O.D. is of the little boys eating breakfast, real exciting I know!

Day 28


  1. did the poem on mine!! Check it out

    (of course you knew that!)

  2. I did the poem on mine, It was fun!

  3. Loved it.

  4. Finally got it done!

  5. I finally got mine done, too.
    That was harder than I thought!

  6. Thanks for posting this challenge! I really enjoyed writing it!

  7. okay, so FINALLY had a chance to fiddle around with mine. :)


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