Saturday, January 22, 2011

Chess and Movies

Today was the annual chess tournament. 
Judah has participated the last three years.
While this is the first year he didn't win any of his five games, he did learn a good life lesson.
If you don't practice don't expect to beat those that have.

Future Chess Champions?

There was a lot of standing around waiting.

Mr. Vargas and I decided to be brave tonight and take ALL five of the kiddos to the movies.
Megamind is playing at the $1 theater (we saw it in 3D so it was $4 each, which is way better then $9.50).

The older kids really enjoyed the movie, but I think that maybe we will wait a little bit longer before taking Hosea and Micah again. They made it about half way through the movie before becoming truly unruly.

Day 22

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